Wolf Garten Tools (Wolf Garden Tools) – Types And Uses.

Wolf Garten Tools (Wolf Garden Tools) - Types And Uses

This post is about Wolf Garten Tools (Wolf Garden Tools). Whether you have heard about or come across this brand of tools before I do hope this post will be of interest to you.

I will be writing about some of the most popular and useful of these gardening tools to hopefully help you in choosing the right tools for your gardening needs.

Be it that you are buying gardening tools for your own garden or that gardening is what you are employed to do, in my opinion these are some of the best gardening tools you will find.

I myself have been using a lot of Wolf Garten tools on an almost daily basis for many years now and have yet to have a single one let me down or need replacing. Believe me, these tools are built to last (just make sure as with any tools that you look after them. Use them in the correct way for what they’re intended for and take the time to clean them after use) and I’m certain I will get many more years use before I’d even need to consider replacing any.


Interchangeable Garden Tools


A Standard Handle
A Wooden Handle
A Telescopic Handle

There is a massive range of interchangeable tools from Wolf Garten. You buy the Handle/s which come in a range of sizes, or the telescopic kind, to suit your individual needs. The Straight Handles come in either aluminium (very high quality) which makes them both very strong but lightweight as well. These Handles are half coated with a plastic sleeve which makes them very comfortable to use. You can also buy the straight Handles made out of wood (ash), with a plastic grip at the top of the Handle and aluminium socket on the bottom.

A D-Grip Handle

Also, available are the D-Grip Handles which are perfect for the Fork, Spade, Lawn Edger attachments. These are available in 2 sizes to provide ease of use for anyone.


A Small Handle

You can also buy Small and Mini Handles, which are perfect for the Hand Trowel, Fork and Saw attachments.

All Handles have the aluminum socket on the end and a push button which is how the attachments are fitted. All interchangeable tool heads fit all Handles.

There are far too many different kinds of tool heads you can purchase for me to list them all here, but some of the more useful and widely used ones are:

  • Rake heads (Long, Leaf, Longspan, Springtine, Bow, Soil, Fan and All purpose rake heads)
A Springtine Rake
A Leaf Rake
A Bow Rake
A Longspan Rake
A Fan Rake
  • Hoes (Dutch, Swoe, Double and Draw hoes)
A Dutch Hoe
A Draw Hoe
A Double Hoe
  • Brushes (Decking, Angle, Flexi, House, Patio, Street, Yard, Weeding Brushes)
A Yard Brush
A Flexi Brush
A Patio Brush
A Decking Brush
  • Patio and paving scraper
  • Cultivators, Push pull weeders, Soil millers and Aerators
  • Hand fork and Hand trowel
  • Weed extractor and weeding knife

Being interchangeable makes these tools excellent for saving space. Not needing separate Handles for each tool head you will find it much more efficient and space-saving whether they’re in the garden shed or the back of the work van.

Please note that these tools come with a 10-year guarantee, although I personally believe they will last a lot longer if looked after in the right way.
As well as interchangeable garden tools, Wolf Garten also sell many other tools. Some of the most popular I will write about below.


Tools For Digging

In the Fork digging range you can buy either the Digging Fork, which is used for the digging of heavier compacted soil, compost etc… or the smaller Border Fork, which is used more for the digging of borders, flowerbeds and when the space is confined.

With Spades, as well as the Digging and Border Spades you can also get a Rabbiting Spade, which is useful when you need a wider blade for planting. There is also a Tree Planting Spade available. Both the Rabbiting and Tree Planting Spades have curved blades which makes cutting through soil very easy.

The last tool I will tell you about in this section is the Half Moon Lawn edging Blade, which is used for straightening/tidying lawn edges and great also for path/paving edges and borders.

Fixed Handheld Tools

There are some great hand-held Wolf Garten tools (Wolf Garden tools) available to buy. They all have very comfortable handle grips, which make using any of them very easy.

The Flower Fork is very handy for use in flower beds for turning soil, weeding and planting/transplanting plants and bulbs. It is ideal for working in areas that are densely populated with plants. It is lightweight and very comfortable to use and very strong as the tines are made of steel.

The Hand Trowels you can get are a 5cm Planting Trowel or the larger 7cm Wide Trowel. Both these Trowels can be used for planting/transplanting and general digging and weeding. These are also made out of steel and the pointed blades make cutting into soil easy.

The Weeding/Planting Knife is a great tool to have at hand, being narrow and long enough to take out deep-rooted weeds with relative ease. It’s especially good for removing weeds in the lawn because it can remove the weeds without disturbing the surrounding lawn. It is also ideal for making the holes in the soil when you’re planting bulbs and is long enough to make varying degrees of hole depth depending on what bulbs you’re planting.

The Hand Grubber is great for loosening and aerating the soil, especially in flower beds, borders and hard to reach areas. It can also be used with great effect general weeding. Because of the angle you hold this tool, it is definitely a better alternative to the Hand Fork for weeding for people who have wrist problems (injuries).

The Fixed Bulb Planter is especially handy for the planting of bulbs, bedding plants etc… All you have to do is place onto the soil, twist and push down to make the hole. It has a depth gauge on the side which comes in very handy as different bulbs/bedding plants need to be planted at varying depths. The maximum diameter hole it will make is 6cm. After planting your bulb/bedding plant you just press the button on the handle and the soil you removed to make the hole is automatically released to cover the bulb or put round the plant.

The Scraper is brilliant for clearing weeds/moss between paving/patio slabs and going along the edges of kerbs and buildings. Very comfortable to use and having a steel blade it is very strong and sturdy. This tool really does make light work of scraping the weeds out from anywhere you need it to.

My favourite and most used of the wolf garten fixed hand tools is the Double Hoe. With 3 strong steel tines on one side and a sharp hoeing blade on the other side this tool can be used for a multitude of gardening tasks. It is great for working around rockeries and areas where space is confined, but also you can use in more open areas to great effect. Both sides can be used to weed very easily and the sharp hoeing blade means that it cuts through the soil with ease. I like to use the Double Hoe to create a shallow trench along the edges of borders/flowerbeds after I have been along with the Lawn Edger and Edging Shears. It makes them look very neat and tidy and customers will always comment on how good the borders/flowerbeds look when finished.

As with the interchangeable garden tools, all these tools come with a 10-year guarantee.


Tools For Cutting

Wolf Garten do a wide range of tools for cutting, some of which I will detail below.

There are two types of secateurs and lopper available: Anvil and Bypass.
Anvil is where the blade closes against a softer metal on the lower blade and Bypass is where the blades go past each other like scissors.

For pruning and cutting of plants/wood that is live or only recently dead than you should use Bypass Secateurs as these will give a clean cut (If used correctly) and not damage the plants or buds. When using the Anvil Secateurs you will more than likely crush the stem of the plants when the blade and bottle Anvil jaw come into contact with each other. You are also more likely to catch the buds in the anvil jaw when cutting plants back.

Anvil Secateurs are very good for cutting up dead wood or anything that has already been taken off the main plant, tree or shrub and you will just be cutting up to get rid of.


In the wolf Garten range for Bypass Secateurs you can buy.

RR1500 Which are perfect for medium size hands and have an internal spring mechanism, an easy to use push lock on top and can cut up to 18mm in diameter.







RR2500Which are much the same as the RR1500 but can cut up to 22mm in diameter and have a PTFE blade which provides a non-stick coating.







RR4000 These have the same internal spring and locking mechanism but are more suitable for larger sized hands. They are very good for precise and delicate pruning. They have a replaceable upper blade and a cutting diameter of 22mm.







RREN These Secateurs can be used comfortably by left and right-handed people and are very good for very precise and delicate pruning. They have a cutting diameter of 21mm and a coated non-stick blade.







RR5000 These can also be used comfortably by left and right-handed people, they are good for precise and delicate pruning, have a coated non-stick blade, a cutting diameter of 25mm, the blades can be replaced and they have a very strong aluminium handle with a plastic insert.







Click here to see these Wolf Garten Secateurs in my 10 Best Garden Secateurs (Bypass) post, and also the best place to buy them from.


In the Wolf Garten range for Anvil Secateurs you can buy.


RS2500 – These are perfect for medium-sized hands, have a non-stick coated blade, a replaceable upper blade, an internal spring and easy to use locking mechanism and a cutting diameter of 25mm.







RS4000 – These have the same features as the RR2500 but are more suited to larger hands.







RSEN – These are good for use by both left and right-handed people. They have a non-stick blade and a cutting diameter of 19mm and are great for tough pruning.




RS5000 – These are also great for tough pruning, have a replaceable and non-stick blade, for use by left and right-handed people, and have a very strong aluminium handle with plastic insert.







You can also buy the Bypass RREN and Anvil RSEN together in a pack.






As with Secateurs, Loppers come in Bypass and Anvil blades. Anything you cut that will affect the health of the plant should be made with Bypass loppers and general cutting (dead wood etc..) than the Anvil bladed loppers can be used.

Bypass loppers you can buy.

RR770 – These are approximately 770mm in length, have strong aluminium handles which are oval shaped, non-stick blades and have a cutting diameter of 37mm.

RR550 – These are 550mm in length and have a cutting diameter of 40mm. They also have non-stick blades and strong oval shaped aluminium handles.







RR630 – Same as the RR550, but they are 630mm in length with a cutting diameter of 35mm.







RR650 – Same as the RR550, but they are 650mm in length with a cutting diameter of 40mm.








RR750 – Same as the RR550, but they are 750mm in length with a cutting diameter of 45mm.







RR530 – Same as the RR550, but they are 530mm in length with a cutting diameter of 50mm.







You can also buy some Wolf Garten loppers with Telescopic (Extendable) handles.

Telescopic Bypass Loppers you can buy.

RR900T – These have strong oval shaped aluminium handles and non-stick blades. They can adjust from 650-900mm in length and have a cutting diameter of 50mm.








Anvil Loppers you can buy.

RS650 – These have strong oval shaped aluminium handles and non-stick blades. They are 650mm in length and have a cutting diameter of 40mm.







RS750 – The same as the RS650, but they are 750mm in length with a cutting diameter of 45mm.



Telescopic Anvil Loppers you can buy.

RS900T – These have strong oval shaped aluminium handles and non-stick blades. They can adjust from 650-900mm in length and have a cutting diameter of 50mm.




Hedge Shears:

HSB Box Tree Shears – These shears are designed for cutting box hedges and topiary plants. They have double-edged curved blades for precise cutting, non-stick blades and very comfortable plastic grip handles. They are very light and easy to use and it’s also very easy to adjust the blades.







HSTL Traditional Hedge Shears – These shears also have double-edged curved blades that are non-stick. They also have shock absorbing buffers which protect the joints and are capable of cutting through thick branches.







HSG Variable Hedge Shears – With double-edged curved blades and shock absorbing buffers like the HSTL these shears reduce the effort by 40% for cuts along the whole length of the blade.







HS1000T Telescopic Hedge Shears – These Shears also reduce the effort by 40% for cuts along the whole length of the blade and they will extend from 770-970mm.





Grass Shears:

RILL Comfort Single Hand Grass Shears – These grass shears are great for lawn edge cutting. They have non-stick blades and a 180 degree rotating blade head. They are very comfortable to use and have a hand protector.







RIGC Professional single hand grass shears – Like the RILL these have non-stick blades and a 180 degree rotating blade head. They have a deflector that flicks the clippings back onto the lawn and stops them falling in the borders. They are very lightweight and easy to use.







RJZ Classic single hand grass shears – These classic grass shears have a 180 degree rotating blade head and non-stick blades.







RAX Muti Purpose Scissors – These Multi Purpose Scissors can be used both outdoors and indoors and are ideal for cutting flowers for the home or for a gift to someone special.






Tools For Winter

Wolf Garten Tools also do a range of winter tools which may come in handy, especially in some parts of the country.

Aluminium Snow Shovel – This can be used for lifting, pushing and moving snow. It has a 1200mm D-handle and is very strong and comfortable to use. The width of the shovel is 450mm.







Plastic Snow Shovel – Has the same uses as the aluminium shovel. You can get the plastic snow shovel in 420mm and 55cm shovel sizes. They both come with a 1200mm D-handle.







150mm Ice Breaker – This is part of the multi-change range of tools so you will need to have or buy the handle to use this. It has a sharp blade which is great for breaking up ice. The blade is also replaceable.







Snow Roof Cleaner – This tool is part of the interchangeable range so you will need to have a handle or buy the handle separately. It is great for clearing snow from the roofs of sheds and conservatories. The width of the head is 600mm.






Power Tools

Wolf Garten also do a few power tools which can come in very handy for specific gardening jobs, such as taking bigger branches off of trees, sawing up large size wood and hedge cutting.

LI-ION Power Chainsaw CSA700 – This is powered by 18v Lithium Ion batteries which make it very powerful and at only 2.7kg weight is comfortable and not too heavy when using. The batteries are interchangeable and only take 2 hours to fully charge giving 40 minutes of usage for each battery. It has a two hand safety switch and a chain speed of 3.5m/s. The Li-ion power pack comes included and you also get a 2-year warranty.







LI-ION Power High Cutter PSA700 – This is a great tool to reach high branches when using a ladder and chainsaw is just too dangerous. It has a 2.95m telescopic handle. It’s powered by the same 18v Lithium Ion batteries as the chainsaw which are interchangeable and have a 2-hour charge time. Its slightly heavier than the chainsaw at 4kg but still comfortable to use. It has the same chain speed and also comes with a 2-year warranty.





Hedge Trimmers:

40CM Rotating Blade Electric Hedge Trimmer HS40E – This Hedge Trimmer has Diamond cut double-edged blades. A quick blade stop of 0.05 seconds. It’s powered by a 230 V/500 W engine and comes with a 15-metre-long cable. The unit weighs 3kg.





45cm Rotating Blade Electric Hedge Trimmer HSE45V – Also with Diamond cut double-edged blades, this has a quick blade stop of 0.02 seconds. A 230 V/500 W engine with a 15-metre cable. This unit weighs 3.7kg.





55cm Rotating Blade Electric Hedge Trimmer HSE55V – The same as the HSE45V with the exception of having a 10cm longer blade length and weighing 3.8kg.





65cm Rotating Blade Electric Hedge Trimmer HSE65V – The same as the HSE45V but with a 230 V/600W engine, a 20 cm longer blade length, weighing 3.9kg and coming with a 20-metre cable.





45cm LI-ION Power Trimmer HTA700 – This, like the chainsaw uses the same 18v Li-ion batteries with a 2-hour charge time, which provides 40 minutes cutting time. You get 1250 blade strokes per minute, has diamond cut blades and comes with the Li-ion power pack included.






18V Li-Ion Strimmer GTA700 – This garden strimmer uses the same interchangeable 18v batteries as the other li-ion Wolf Garten power tools. It has an idling speed of 8000rpm and comes with a 2-year warranty.





Lawn Mowers:

1000W Electric Select Lawn Mower S3200E – This mower has a plastic chassis and is operated by a one hand switch. It has a single wheel 3 step cutting height adjustment from 2-6cm. The grass catcher is 30 ltrs and it is supplied with a 15-metre cable. The mower is 12kg in weight and also the handles are fully foldable for storage and transport if needed.







40CM Petrol Lawn Mower – This petrol lawn mower has a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine and is capable of cutting and mulching. It has a 60ltr grass catcher and an indicator to let you know when the grass catcher is full. It also has a foldable handle. The cutting height is 2.5-9.0cm.







1400W Electric Select Lawn Mower S3800E – Like the S3200E but with a 1400W motor and a single wheel 5 step cutting height adjustment from 2-6cm, a 40ltr grass catcher and weighs 14kg.







1400W Electric Push Lawn Mower A34OE – This mower has a plastic chassis, a central 5 step cutting height adjustment 2-6cm and 35ltr grass catcher. NOTE: The cable for this mower is sold separately.







1600W Expert self Propelled Lawn Mower E40EA – This mower can be used for collecting wet and dry grass and also has a mulching function. The handlebar has height adjustment as does the cutting height which is centrally operated and is from 2.5-8cm. It’s self-propelled from 1-3.5km/h. It has a grass catcher filling level indicator, a 55ltr grass catcher capacity and a 20-metre cable. This mower weighs 26kg.






LIONPOWER 72v Li-Ion 37″ Cut Lawn Mower – This is a powerful battery powered lawn mower using the latest lithium-ion 72v battery technology. This mower cuts, mulches or rear discharges your cuttings and has a central height adjustment.







LIONPOWER 72v Li-Ion 40″ Cut Lawn Mower – The same as the Li-Ion 37″ except this has a 40″ cutting width.







30CM Cylinder WPCM Hand Mower – This is a hand propelled (No Engine) mower. It has a 5 bladed cutting cylinder. It also has folding handles and a 20 litre grass catcher.





Scarifier and Tiller:

1200W Electric Scarifier VS302E – This is an excellent machine, being a scarifier and powered lawn rake in one. This opens up the turf to get rid of moss and thatch. It has an adjustable and foldable handle and it lightweight and easy to push. There are 5 stages of depth adjustment. It is 30cm in width.







1400W 30CM Electric Tiller – This tiller will dig through even compact soil. It has 4 tines and a 30cm working width. It has foldable handles and weighs 13kg. It also has an electric start.





Spare Batteries:

LI-ION Power Pack 5 PP5 – You can buy spare batteries so will never be without power for you Wolf Garten range of Li-ion power tools. These are 18v and will fit into all the Li-ion tools.






To Finish

I hope you found this post both informative and useful. If you have used/owned Wolf Garten Tools (Wolf Garden Tools) before, than you will already know how good they are. If you haven’t then you won’t be disappointed when you try using your first one. With all the thousands of different gardening tools on the market, these really are some of the best you can get for your money.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or you can e-mail me at:  michael@trustedgardeningtools.com

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Wow!! I had no idea there was so much for me to learn here. We plan to plant a garden again this season, so this has been an extremely helpful article. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! Why is wolf garden tools in parentheses after it’s name?

    1. There are so many of this brand of tool available, and I’ve yet to come across one that isn’t good quality or useful.
      Hope the post helped you.
      Best Wishes

  2. I have never heard of these tools before!! I love the interchangeable ones in particular that you mentioned because I am always looking for ways to save space!!

    Definitely checking it out!

    1. They definitely are great when you need to save space. That’s why I originally started using them, and after getting a few to start with and seeing how good the quality of these tools are then I started to build up my collection more.
      Great tools. You won’t be disappointed.
      Take care

  3. Wow! SO many tools!
    I honestly had no idea, there were so many to choose from… I grew up in house with a manually pushed lawnmower, and some scissors on a stick cut the top branches! (Probably a few more, but you get the point… 😉 )
    I really like the idea of the interchangeable heads. That is very practical.
    Me and my wife are actually looking into buying a house with a garden, and then I’ll be needing tools. Good thing, I now know the place to go for all the knowledge I need!


    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The interchangeable heads are really good. Not only are they great for space-saving, but they are really great quality tools.
      The 10-year Wolf Garten guarantee you get with them shows you that they have every confidence in their products.
      Good luck with your house buying and I hope you will come back to visit my site again when you are needing to buy the tools for your gardening tasks.
      Best wishes,

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