Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools – My Top 10 Picks.

Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools

In this post I am going to write about my 10 favourite Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools.

As they are multi change tools it means you buy the tool heads separate to the handles and they all interchange with each other, meaning any of the tool heads will fit onto any of the handles.

Whether you are just keeping them in your garden shed or loading them into you van or car, the Wolf Garten range of multi change tools are excellent for space-saving.

There are a lot of multi change tool heads available from Wolf Garten. A lot of them you can see listed in one of my other posts: Wolf Garten Tools (Wolf Garden Tools) – Types And Uses.

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I myself have a lot of different multi change tool heads from Wolf Garten and in this post I am just going to let you know about my 10 favourite ones and what they’re used for. I will also include the links for you so you have the option of buying any you like the sound of for yourself.

As all the listed tool heads need the handle to be able to use them effectively I will include a section at the bottom listing a few of the different types of handle available.

Because there are various different handles and sizes of handles available to buy it means you can always choose a handle that is a good length for you, so when you are using the tools you can work upright without having to bend over and put unnecessary strain on your back.

It is also worth noting that all the Wolf Garten Multi Change Tool Range come with a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE.

1. Leaf Rake

This is definitely my favourite rake in the Wolf Garten range. I use this rake a lot.

It is perfect for not only raking up leaves but also for raking up grass cuttings and other general garden waste.

The rake head is 42cm wide and consists of 21 strong plastic tines. Because the tines on this rake head are very strong and robust it also makes it a great rake for using on patios and paved areas.

I find this rake great for raking everywhere on all surfaces.

When raking amongst plants or vegetables then obviously you have to careful you don’t damage them.

I absolutely love this rake and if I were to have just one rake head from Wolf Garten then this would be the one I’d choose.

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2. Push/Pull Weeder

The push/pull weeder comes in two sizes: You can get a 10cm or 15cm wide blade.

It is a type of hoe that is also known as a stirrup hoe.

You can find out more information on different types of hoes by CLICKING HERE and reading my post Garden Hoe Types – Their Best Uses.

A great feature on this is that it has a sharp blade on both sides so will cut through weeds while pushing or pulling it. Another great thing about this tool is that it self-sharpens as you’re using it which means that even after years of usage it will still be just as reliable to use as when you first bought it.

The push/pull weeder is made from quality steel and is coated with long-lasting anti-rust chrome .

I love using my push/pull weeder. I have both sizes but tend to use the 15cm one more often.

It is especially good if you have a large area that needs hoeing. This really does make light work of it and you’ll be surprised at just how quick and easily it gets the job done.

I tend to use a variety of different hoes in my work as a gardener, but I rate this one as the best for larger open areas.

CLICK HERE to buy this Push/Pull Weeder head.

3. Flexi Brush

There are a good variety of brushes available in the multi change range from Wolf Garten.

This flexi brush is by far my favourite of the wolf garten brushes I own for the reasons I list below.

To start with I will say that the bristles on this flexi brush are angled and it’s not flat ended. I mention this because I have seen peoples reviews on this brush saying they sent it back because it’s angled and not flat. It is meant to be this way and that is part of the reason it makes this brush so good.

The angled bristles help to get the brush into awkward places and corners.

The bristles also have a slight frayed appearance which is also normal and how it should be.

So now to get onto why I find this brush so good.

As I mentioned above, the angled bristles make this excellent to get into tight spaces, underneath tables, furniture etc.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces to great effect. You can use it to sweep hard surfaces such as patios and decking and it’s also great to use on grass and soil. It can also be used in gutters and other narrow areas.

I find this brush particularly good when using on areas with small stones. Because of the style of the frayed ends it does a great job of brushing away any debris on the stones without taking too many of the stones with it too, which is something that other brushes can’t manage.

This really is a superb brush. Maybe to some it may look to be a weird design but it really does work, and it works very well.

This brush is 25cm wide.

If I could only have one brush in my tool kit then this would definitely be the one I’d choose.

CLICK HERE to buy this Flexi Brush head.

4. Soil Cultivator

This tool head is for breaking up the soil. It is best used on soft to medium soil.

It is great to use between plants or vegetables and is designed to cut through the soil at just the right angle, breaking it up and helping distribute the nutrients around.

Because of the angle you use this tool at it stops you stooping and bending, therefore not putting too much strain on your back.

This tool head is 11cm wide and consists of 3 lance shaped prongs that are nice and sharp, they are made from excellent quality steel with a zinc lacquered finish to prevent rusting. It also self-sharpens while using it so will carry on being just as good years down the line as the day you bought it.

When using this cultivator in the right soil it goes down pretty deep and breaks up the soil well.

It is great to use in smaller and larger areas. Some people (myself included) like to use this on their allotment plots and it’s great for getting ground ready for planting.

I also like to use this to break up and mix compost and manure into the soil before I plant certain vegetables or bulbs.

CLICK HERE to buy this Soil Cultivator head.

5. Scraper

The Wolf Garten scraper head is a superb tool to own. I’m sure that in all gardens you will find a use for it.

Whether it be a patio, paved area or along the edges of your house or outside walls, moss and weeds will start to grow.

With this scraper it makes light work of getting rid of them.

The scraper has a sharp edge on one side and a hook on the other so you can cut weeds off and also dig them out using the hook side. This makes it great for getting all the roots out and preventing them growing back quickly.

As you can choose the handle size to use with the scraper you will find that you can use this nice and easily without the need to bend down at all so you won’t be affecting your back and causing yourself unnecessary pain.

I use this scraper with one of the longer handles and find it very easy to adjust the angle to suit your needs, this makes scraping out weeds and moss a pretty simple task.

Paths, patios, paving and along the edges of outside walls always look so much cleaner and tidier when all the weeds have been scraped out.

Another thing the scraper can be used for is scraping off the green algae build up you get along the edges of windows (especially greenhouse windows). You will obviously have to be careful when using it for this purpose as you don’t want to damage the rubber lining around some windows.

CLICK HERE to buy this Scraper head.

6. Half Moon Edger

Everyone loves a nice edge around their lawns, don’t they?

Whether the edge is next to a flower bed (border) or patio/path. It always looks so much better with a nice smart, tidy looking edge.

I love getting my Wolf Garten lawn edger out and making peoples lawns look awesome.

It cuts off overhanging grass or the edges of turf with ease and leaves the lawn looking lovely.

The scraper has a steel blade that is coated for rust prevention and like some other tools I have listed it has a self-sharpening blade so will be just as easy and good to use in years to come.

If just tidying up an existing edge then you can get straight to it with this lawn edger, but if putting a new edge onto the lawn then it’s advisable to put out a line to follow so that you keep the edge nice and straight.

I would recommend using the D-handle with the lawn edger tool head. You need to be able to grip the handle properly and be able to push down on it while also using your foot to push with. Using a straight handle would be making the job a lot harder than it should be.

The half moon lawn edger has a working width of 22.5cm.

CLICK HERE to buy this Half Moon Lawn Edger head.

7. Springtine Rake

The second rake in my list and that’s because of the versatility of the springtine rake.

Whereas the leaf rake is my favourite of the multi change Wolf Garten tool heads, the springtine rake head is also a very great and good quality rake head.

You can find out about other rakes by CLICKING HERE and reading my post The Best Rakes – What They’re Used For.

This rake head is brilliant for raking out thatch and moss from your lawn. Doing this every few weeks will help to keep your lawn in great shape.

The tines on this are strong and durable but will not dig into the lawn and damage it. It will just rake out the stuff you don’t want and leave your lawn looking healthier.

You can also use the springtine rake head for raking leaves (although it’s not as effective as the leaf rake) and for raking moss from your borders or harder surfaces like patios, paving and paths. Make sure not to exert too much downward pressure if using this way, as although the tines are robust you still don’t want to bend them out of shape and damage the rake head.

Fertilizer, compost and topsoil can be spread over beds and borders using this rake head.

The width of this springtine rake head is 50cm.

CLICK HERE to buy this Springtine Rake head.

8. Weeding Tool

This weeding tool is a super tool for digging out those stubborn and deep-rooted weeds from your lawn or flower beds.

It’s a very easy tool to use and is very effective at getting weeds out with the whole root so they won’t just grow back.

I find this best to use on lawns. If you have dandelions growing on the lawn then this weeding tool will dig all of it out without damaging the lawn. You slide it into the lawn against the side of the dandelion and twist to the side for easy removal. The disturbed patch of lawn can then just be trodden down and you’ll never know where you’d taken it from.

The weeding tool has an integrated foot rest to help push it down fully for the really long and stubborn weeds like the dandelions.

It is made from great quality steel that is coated for rust prevention. It is very strong and durable and really makes removing stubborn weeds effortless.

The Wolf Garten weeding tool can be pushed into the soil to a depth of 41.5cm which is more than enough even for the really deep-rooted of weeds.

If your lawn is absolutely taken over by weeds (dandelions, daisies) then I would recommend using a weed killer that kills weeds and doesn’t damage the grass, but if you just get a few weeds coming through the lawn then I’d definitely recommend using this weeding tool.

I would recommend using the D-handle with this tool head, especially as you will find it a lot easier twisting with the D-handle then you would with a straight handle.

CLICK HERE to buy this Weeding Tool head.

9. Dutch Hoe

The dutch hoe is a great tool head to have in the multi change range. It is designed to work just below the surface of the soil and cuts off the heads of weeds therefore stopping the sunlight getting to the rest left under the ground so it dies off. Note that this only works with some weeds. Weeds such as dandelions will still grow back if you only chop the top off. The way to get rid of these types of weeds is digging them out or using the weeding tool listed above.

The dutch hoe is made from one piece of stainless steel so it makes it very strong, robust and durable. It is also coated for rust prevention.

You can use this hoe by pushing and pulling it and the blade is sharp both sides.

This type of hoe is my favourite for general weeding and the one I use most often.

You can read my post on What Is The Best Hoe? My Top 5 Choices by CLICKING HERE.

Using one of the longer handles with this dutch hoe head is ideal for reaching to the back of beds and borders without having to walk on them. It is even great using a telescopic handle as this gives you even more reach and the chances are you can reach nearly everywhere.

If I had to recommend just one type of hoe for all round general weeding then this is the type I’d recommend.

CLICK HERE to buy this Dutch Hoe head.

10. Weeding Brush

This weeding brush is a great tool by itself or as a compliment to the scraper I listed at number 5 above.

This is used for clearing out weeds and moss from between paving, patios and any cracks in concrete.

I like this weeding brush a lot because it is easy to use and you can clear a lot in a short time.

I find this better to use on moss growing between block paving as it will clear the moss a lot quicker then the scraper will. It will clear the weeds also but it won’t get all the roots out like the scraper will.

The steel bristles on this weeding brush are very tough and can handle a lot of use. Just be careful when handling the brush head as it can quite easily stab into your hands and that is very painful. Believe me, I’ve done it more than once. DOH……

I recommend using one of the longer handles with this brush head as you won’t have to bend over and hurt your back. Also, with a longer handle it’s much easier to adjust the angle you want to work to make the weeding brush as efficient as possible.

If you have a block paved driveway or patio that gets a lot of moss growing between the cracks then I’d definitely recommend buying this weeding brush head (remember you’ll need to buy the handle separately), you won’t be disappointed.

In fact I’m pretty sure once you give it a try you’ll start to enjoy using it and before you know it you’d have cleared all the moss and be looking elsewhere for somewhere else to use it.

CLICK HERE to buy this Weeding Brush head.


As the 10 items listed above are all multi change tool heads then they need a handle to be able to use effectively. Some listed items I have said what handle I recommend using, but otherwise you can choose which one best suits you from the ones I will list below. All the Wolf Garten handles are excellent quality and I own a few of them myself.

It may be the case that you choose to buy a few different multi change tool heads so will want to buy more then 1 of the handles.

Lightweight Aluminium Handle

This lightweight aluminium handle comes in 2 sizes. 118cm and 150cm. The 118cm is recommended for people under 5’4″ and the 150cm one for people over 5’5″.
You can choose the size after clicking on the link.

CLICK HERE to buy this Lightweight Aluminium Handle.

Wooden Handle

This wooden handle is available in 4 different sizes. 100cm, 140cm, 150cm and 170cm.

The 100cm and 140cm are recommended for people under 5’4″.

The 150cm is recommended for people over 5’5″.

The 170cm is recommended for people over 5’7″.

CLICK HERE to buy this Wooden Handle.

D-Grip Handle

The wolf garten D-grip handle comes in 2 sizes. 85cm and 120cm.

CLICK HERE to buy this D-Grip Handle.

Telescopic (extendable) Handle

The telescopic handle come in 3 sizes. 90-150cm, 170-300cm and 220-400cm.

CLICK HERE to buy this Telescopic Handle.

Mini Handle

This mini handle is perfect for working in confined spaces. It is 15cm in length.

CLICK HERE to buy this Mini Handle.

Small Handle

This small handle is another for working in confined spaces. It is 35cm in length.

CLICK HERE to buy this Small Handle.

To Finish

I hope you have found this post on Multi Change Wolf Garten Tools informative, interesting and helpful.

There are over 50 tool heads available in the multi change range and these are just my personal 10 favourites.

I have been using Wolf Garten tools daily for many years now and I can honestly say that they are excellent tools. The quality is superb and they definitely have longevity. That is why the multi change range all come with a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE.

Wolf garten also sell a range of fixed hand held tools and power tools, some of which you can find out about from my other post by clicking on the link at the top of the post.

As always, any questions or input you have for me are greatly appreciated so please leave a comment below or alternatively you can e-mail me at: michael@trustedgardeningtools.com.

If you would like to leave your e-mail address then I will keep you updated on any new Wolf Garten tools that are released and also any special offers I find for any of their products.

Happy Gardening!







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  1. my parental unit is really into gardening… will be sharing this post.
    Good read!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really hope your parents will find this post interesting and helpful.
      Please feel free to ask any questions at any time.
      Best wishes,

  2. Wow, 10-year warranty is really great. That means they’re very confident about their products. Anyway, thanks for this interesting post. We don’t usually have gardens in Singapore but I’ll definitely share this with my friend in the US.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Yes, the 10-year warranty really is great. The tools are really well made and I believe will still be going strong after the 10-year warranty has expired.
      Thanks for sharing to your friend. I hope they find it a useful post.
      Best wishes,

  3. Several tools here that I can definitely use! I love the variety of handles to use, and the fact that I can switch them out! I love working in my yard, and it needs a LOT of help (just bought the house). It is kind of overwhelming, but these tools would really help. Thanks for the info!

    1. They really are awesome tools. The fact that all tool heads and handles will work together is something that makes them so good, obviously along with them being very good quality tools.
      I’m sure being in a new house with a new garden that needs work does seem overwhelming, but just think when it’s all done and how good it’ll look.
      Thanks for reading,
      Best wishes,

  4. This post is what I hoped for: informative, interesting and helpful. I don’t have many tools, but this is really good information and a website people can visit to find good tools! Well done

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. There is always time to build up your collection of tools and the Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools are great ones to start collecting.
      I’m glad you found this post informative and helpful.
      Best wishes,

  5. My and my wife are in need of some new garden tools so this post came very timely. We’re probably going to get the Springtine Rake since there are a lot of leaves around our new home. Plus, the price is right so how can we pass it up! The Lightweight Aluminium Handle would come in handy for all our other old tools that need replacement handles. Thanks for all your help my friend!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reading my post and for your comment. The springtine rake is very good and should serve you well around your new home.
      The aluminium handle is the one I use most when I’m gardening and if you have some old Wolf Garten tools then that’s a great handle to get for them.
      Best wishes,

  6. I love saving space in my garage. I wish I had known about this site years ago when I started gardening. I’ll have to check out multi-change tools. Thanks for your top 10 picks!

    1. Hi Melinda,
      I love the space saving aspect of these tools too. I can carry plenty of them around in the van without too many handles all over the place.
      I hope this post will help you pick out some good tools and I’m sure once you start using the Wolf Garten multi range tools you’ll just want to keep adding to your collection.
      Best wishes,

  7. The 10 year warranty is pretty encouraging! I’ve been having issues with weeds and I think i’ll take a look at the weeding tool and brush. As you’ve said the D handle works better.
    I may have missed this in your article but does the handle fit properly and efficiently into every tool? Or is it specific?

    1. Hi,
      Yes the 10-year warranty is brilliant. It shows how good the tools are for Wolf Garten to offer a warranty of that length.
      And yes, all the tool heads will fit all the handles, so it’s not specific and just make them that much better then other multi change tools available.
      Take care,

  8. These would have been the perfect tools when I was into gardening. I’ve since given it up to pursue other hobbies. These tools would have made my life so much easier!

    1. Hi Melinda,
      I’m sorry to hear you have given up gardening.
      I hope looking through my site might make you change your mind and get back into gardening again.
      The Wolf Garten Multi Change Tool Range are very good gardening tools and as all heads will fit the same handle they will save you lots of space.
      Best wishes,

  9. I used to have a garden until I moved into a flat, however, my grandad lives in a care home, but the tools here are very good. I particularly like the idea you can attach varies tools and my favorite is the Telescopic handle. very good post and I will definitely tell people about your site.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      The Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools really are superb gardening tools.
      The fact you can change the heads and they’ll all fit the same handle is great, especially if you need to save space.
      With the telescopic handles they give you that extra reach for certain jobs.
      Best wishes,

  10. Hi Micheal, I think I must have been under a bush or something but I didn’t even know these interchangeable items existed! I have to say I’m not the worlds best gardener and it is all a bit of a chore to me so anyway to make it easier is always a bonus, I’ve had a look and the prices are really quite reasonable too. I love the idea that it keeps storage space to a minimum as although I have quite a big garden, I only have a very small shed. As I’m just starting out with trying to look after my garden, I wonder if you would be able to recommend one or two products to start off with?

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m glad I’ve brought these Wolf Garten multi change tools to your attention now as they really are great gardening tools.
      They definitely are great for space saving.
      As you are starting out then I would recommend buying the lightweight aluminium handle, the Dutch hoe head or push/pull weeder, and either the leaf or springtine rake (especially if you have trees in the garden that lose leaves in Autumn.
      If you have any paved areas then the scraper wold be a good tool head to buy too.
      Best wishes,

  11. What an incredible idea. My garage is overflowing with garden tools and this would remove a good portion of them.
    I had never seen a scraper like that. I need to get one of those to clear the grass and weeds that are growing up in the expansion joints of my concrete!


    1. Hi Dan,
      The Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools are definitely great for saving space.
      I have a lot in my van when I’m working and it gives me room for other things.
      The scraper is a great tool for clearing out grass and weeds from between the cracks in paving and patios etc.
      Best wishes,

  12. Great Information!!! Very informative and I loved your reviews!! The video is very well done too. 🙂 Thanks for giving me the desire to get out there and get some weeds out of my garden and actually grow some veggies this year! 🙂

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      I’m so glad you found my review post good to read.
      I hope you will enjoy getting out in the garden and pulling those weeds out. You know they will keep coming back though, ha ha ha
      I love growing my own Vegetables. They always seem to taste better that way.
      Best wishes,

  13. I think finding something like the Wolf Garten has a multi tool change option. This definitely makes it more convenient for the user. If someone were to use these while they work, but have to travel between locations, I bet they would appreciate this type of product. I love how some of the parts are anti-rust as it helps the user be able to hang onto it longer. Thanks for going over some of the details on the Wolf Garten and it’s associated tools!

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      I use a lot of the Wolf Garten Multi Change Tool Range and have them in my van going from job to job.
      They’re great because they don’t take up loads of space and you can get by with only 1 or 2 handles, but they’re also very well made and definitely good for the casual or more serious gardener.
      The fact that they’re anti-rust proof too just adds to the overall appeal these tools have.
      Best wishes,

  14. This is great info. well detailed and the warranty is excellent. Mr. Patrick my friend who loves gardening and growing his own vegetables would love this.

    1. Hi David,
      The 10-year warranty does give you that extra peace of mind when buying the Wolf Garten Multi Change Tool products.
      Please feel free to tell your friend Mr Patrick about my site so he can visit and look through my site himself.
      I hope he will get some good information and it will help him when he needs to get new gardening tools.
      Best wishes,

  15. Wow I had never known of the wolf garten brand until I read your post. What I love the most about these tools is that they look professional and have a 10 year warranty, which means they are very durable tools.
    My Gardner cousin could use these tools definitely. I shall recommend and see if they can send to SA
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Thabo,
      I’m glad you have now found out about the Wolf Garten Brand of tools as they really are superb.
      You’re right, they do look professional and the 10-year warranty goes to show the faith they have in their tools.
      I’m sure your friend will be able to get hold of them in South Africa, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy using them too.
      Best wishes,

  16. Fantastic article. I was searching the web for my in laws, for some new gardening tools and I think I have found them. My in laws own two houses and one of them is in Mass and they travel there and are always doing yard work and these will be perfect for them to pack and take back and forth between houses. You really can’t beat the warranty wow 10 years. I’m really happy I came across this very informative article.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.
      Yes, I’m sure these will be perfect for your in laws. The fact that with Wolf Garten tools you can change the tool heads and they all fit the same handle means they’re great for space saving and you don’t need to be going to and fro with lots of long handles in the car.
      The 10 year warranty is also a big bonus.
      Recently Wolf Garten have started selling some of their tool heads with a 35 year warranty. That’s awesome.
      Thanks and best wishes,

  17. Wow I had no idea that tools with interchangable tool heads. That is such a great way to save space but still have a variety of tools. I will have to definitely look more into these. Are there other manufacturers that make multi head tools like this?

    1. Hi Huy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is a great way to save space and still have all the tools you need for your garden.
      There are a few other manufacturers that make multi change tools, but I have found Wolf Garten to be the best ones around.
      Thanks and best wishes,

  18. This is great Michael, I don’t have a lot of storage room in my shed anymore since there is a ton of other tools lying around. With this system, it’s easier to store and you have all the tools you need in the garden ready to go!

    Thanks for sharing, once it’s time to invest in some new tools I’ll be sure to pick these up.

    1. Hi Peter,
      These really are great tools for space saving. As you can buy many tool heads to fit the same handle, it means you can get away with just 1 or 2 different handles.
      The tools are really well made as well and will last a long long time.
      Thanks and best wishes,

  19. This is a great post on garden tools. I absolutely love gardening and am happy to know about the various tools out there. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in the gardening area but I haven’t heard of some of these tools. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to start making my Christmas list.

    1. Hi Holly,
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      I’m happy to have brought these tools to your attention.
      The Wolf Garten range of tools are brilliant. They are very well made and do a fantastic job.
      There are loads of tool heads to choose from, these are just the 10 that I use a lot and think would benefit anyone’s gardening tool kit.
      It looks like you’ll have a pretty long Christmas list this year 😉
      Best wishes,

  20. Wow, this multi-use tool has a lot of options, that’s for sure. I’ve been skeptical of all in one type tools but this looks pretty solid. I’m shopping for my mom, she loves to garden. Do you know if the parts are hard to take on and off? She’s older and I would not want her to struggle.

    1. Hi Scott.
      Thanks for your comment.
      I used to be skeptical of this type of tool also, but after first using the Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools that soon changed.
      They are very well made and really strong and sturdy. Some of mine I have been using for years now and they’re still as good as when I first got them.
      They are so confident in their tools that not only do they have a 10 year guarantee with them, but now some of the newer ones have 35 year guarantees.
      I’m sure your mum would be fine using these tools. They go together and come apart very easily. They use a click system. Pushing them together is very easy and the push button to take them apart takes very little effort to do.
      Thanks and best wishes,

  21. Michael, I am an avid gardener. Love working in my flower beds and a few vegetables. I am always in search of the perfect tool for the job. I am sold on these tools. they are perfect. Just one or 2 handles and I’m off. thanks for sharing. I needed this information.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Yes, these tools really are awesome. Just 1 or 2 handles and you can have as many of the tool heads as you please and they’ll all fit the same handles.
      I’m sure if you try these Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools out you will end up liking them a lot.
      Thanks and best wishes,

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