What Is The Best Hoe ? – My Top 5 Choices.

What Is The Best Hoe ? - My Top 5 Choices

In this post I will be writing about my top 5 choices of hoe. There are plenty of different kinds of hoes available to gardeners. All have their uses, but some are better and more suited for general use than others.

What is the best hoe? I wouldn’t necessarily say any one hoe is the best as in my opinion their are a few that can be good for the same type of work in the same gardens.

This list is just to give you an idea of what I believe are the top 5 hoes you can buy for gardening, and anyone of them should be suitable for a variety of hoeing jobs in the garden.

If any of your hoes ever need sharpening then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a very easy job that anyone can do. You can use either a sharpening stone or a fine file. You just have to carefully rub it over the hoe blade/s at the right angle and you will have it sharpened in no time.

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How to choose the right hoe for your garden.

Choosing the right hoe for your garden should be a pretty simple task. The size of the garden isn’t as important for picking a hoe as you might think.

Draw Hoe

What I would recommend looking at first is the amount of space in your beds and borders, where you will be using your hoe.

Do you have a lot of space between plants, shrubs, vegetables etc ?

If so then you could easily get away with using a hoe with a bigger blade like the Dutch or Oscillating Hoe.

If however you have things growing closer together then you’d benefit more from using a Swoe or Draw Hoe. These hoes have smaller blades and can get amongst the plants easier without damaging them.

Is the ground soft or hard?

If the ground is soft then any Hoe would be able to do the job.

If the ground is hard then maybe a Grub Hoe would be a good choice.

Or maybe you would benefit more from having more then 1 kind of Hoe.

As I work as a gardener and am working in different kinds of gardens all the time, I have a few different types of hoe that I use. Each one useful for different places I work.

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Below I will list my top 5 choices of hoe and where they are best used.

1. Dutch Hoe

The Dutch Hoe is my favourite hoe for general weeding.

This hoe is designed to be pushed and pulled and works just under the surface of the soil. The idea is that the blade cuts through the weed head (leaves), separating the top from the stem. The sun cannot get to the root left under the soil and therefore it will die.

This hoe is lovely to use and you will find yourself getting into a rhythm with it. It does a great job, especially in large open areas when you don’t have lots of plants etc. to work around.

The blade is sharp on all sides so it really is easy to push and pull using this.

This hoe is more suited to open areas so please be careful if using it amongst plants/vegetables as you wouldn’t want to damage them.

The handle is long enough that you can use it without having to bend at all which save you from developing any back trouble.


The Dutch Hoe I recommend you getting is the Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Dutch Hoe. This hoe comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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2. Oscillating Hoe

Another hoe that is great for general weeding. The oscillating hoe works by pushing and pulling just like the dutch hoe.

Also, called the stirrup hoe because the head looks just like a stirrup. This hoe has a very sharp blade that works just below the surface of the soil cutting the weed heads from the root stems.

The blade of the oscillating hoe will actually sharpen itself as you’re using it, which is very handy.

The blade width on oscillating hoes varies between 3-7 inches, so if you have large patches of soil with no closely compacted plants/vegetables growing together then the larger size would be perfect. Honestly you’ll be surprised at just how quick you can hoe a large area using one of these.

Because of the style of this hoe it is more suited to open areas rather than using it between plants/vegetables. If you do use it close to plants/vegetables then just take care not to damage them.

This type of hoe is better with a long handle so you can reach in the beds and borders without having to walk over them.

The Oscillating Hoe I recommend you getting is the Kent and Stowe Long Handled Oscillating Hoe. This Hoe comes with a 15-year guarantee.

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3. Draw Hoe

The draw hoe or garden hoe is designed to be pulled towards you and not pushed.

This hoe has a rectangular blade that is sharp along one edge and is attached to the handle with a goose neck fitting so it sits at a nice angle when you use it, thus saving any bending and strain on your back.

Because the blade is set at a right angle to the handle and is usually around 6 inches in length this hoe is great for going quite deep into the soil. You can cultivate soil to varying depths by adjusting the angle you use the hoe.

This is a great hoe if you want to make larger trenches for planting. Especially good for the digging out of trenches for planting potatoes.

You can create thinner trenches by tilting the angle of the blade and not using the whole length of the blade to drag out the soil.

A great hoe for breaking up and moving larger amounts of soil that a dutch or oscillating hoe cannot do that well.

I would recommend this type of hoe for use more around vegetable plots rather than smaller beds and borders in gardens.

The Draw Hoe I recommend you getting is the Spear and Jackson Elements Draw Hoe.

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4. Grub Hoe

The grub hoe is an absolutely awesome hoe for heavy-duty work. It has a forged eye-hole where the handle fits through. The blade is set at a right angle to the handle and is sharp along the edge and 8 inches + in length.

They have a nice amount of weight to them. The idea is you hold the handle near the end with one hand and about a third of the way down with the other hand. The grub hoe should then be lifted to around hip height and swung down into the ground using the momentum. You can then drag the hoe towards you.

Being a heavy-duty hoe it is great for breaking up really hard compacted ground and ground that is mainly clay. It also cuts through roots in the ground with ease.

If you have large areas of unkempt ground or heavily compacted soil then this is a great tool to have at hand. It will dig and break up the ground easier than a fork or spade and with a lot less effort too.

Grub hoes are very similar to mattocks, the difference being that mattocks are double-sided, having an axe blade or pick on the opposite side.

In a lot of other countries throughout the world this type of hoe is used all the time, and in some places it’s the only tool some farmers will use to work their land. They won’t use forks, spades or other types of hoe, just a grub hoe or mattock.

I’m certain that if more people in this country were to start using this type of hoe then they would start to wonder why they had never tried using one before.

The Grub Hoe I recommend you getting is the Full Size Garden Digging Hoe with 120cm Wooden Handle.

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5. Swoe hoe

The blade on a swoe hoe is shaped much like a golf club (iron). It has 3 sharp sides and is not too big.

It can either be pushed, pulled or even used on it’s edge.

What makes the swoe hoe such a good tool is the fact that the head (blade) is quite small so it’s great for weeding in amongst plants and vegetables without damaging them. Because of the size it is designed for cutting off smaller weeds, not the bigger more established ones.

I hear some people saying that this type of hoe is not very good. That is because they’re not using it right or using it for the wrong types of weeds. This is a brilliant hoe to use and easily my favourite type for weeding in areas of closely compacted plants and vegetables.

If you only have a small garden then I’d say you could get by just using this hoe and a fork or spade for digging out bigger and deep rooted weeds.

The Swoe Hoe I recommend you getting is the Spear and Jackson Elements Swoe Style Angled Hoe. This hoe comes with a 10-year guarantee.

CLICK HERE to buy this hoe.

To Finish

Well that’s it for my top 5 choices of hoe. I hope this post was of interest to you and will help you choose the right hoe for what you need, be it just one type or maybe more.

All the hoes in the list are great tools to have and all come in very handy.

If you are looking for a hoe just for your own garden then I’m sure you could pick out one from the list that will be sufficient for you.

If gardening is your job or you have a garden and also an allotment then maybe you maybe interested to get more then just the one kind.

As I am working in different gardens everyday I personally have quite a few different types of hoe and will use different ones depending on the job at hand.

If you leave your e-mail address I will keep you updated on any new tools that are released and also on any special offers about for any of the tools I recommend.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or you can e-mail me at: michael@trustedgardeningtools.com

Happy Gardening!





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  1. Hi there,

    very informative article. I really enjoyed reading that. I love gardening. I should be getting the Swoe Hoe, as you said it is great for weeding in amongst plants and vegetables without damaging them. I always fear I might damage the plants as I am weeding.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I would definitely go for the swoe hoe if you’re weeding amongst plants

        to save damaging them.
        Best wishes,
  2. I found your post informative and interesting. I didn’t know there were so many different types of hoe. I personally do not do much gardening, but I grew up on a small farm so I found this post interesting to me. However, I am a bit confused by all the ads that aren’t relevant to the content of your post. I was especially surprised to see the ad for tattoo coils since tattoo supplies is the niche I am working with.

    1. Hi,
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      I bet it was great growing up on a farm.
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  3. Amazing post, thank you so much for sharing that.
    My fiance and me are looking for a house and he really loves everything about gardening.
    I think he will really appreciate Number 4.
    Thanks for the tip, I will be coming back for more!

    1. Thank you. I really hope you and your Fiance find your dream house soon and that it has an amazing garden for you both to enjoy.
      I’m happy you found it helpful.
      Best wishes,

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