What Is The Best Electric Lawn Mower 2019 – My Top 5 Choices.

What Is The Best Electric Lawn Mower

This post is another review post, and it’s about What Is The Best Electric Lawn Mower 2019.

Electric lawn mowers are good if you only have a small garden to mow and if you can plug the mower in easy enough.

You may need an extension lead to get round the whole garden when using an electric mower, but it’s still easy enough to set up.

When using an electric lawn mower then please be careful and take into account the conditions in which you’re using it.

Front Side View Of An Electric Mower

Being electric they are designed to be used only in dry weather. Please do NOT use in wet or damp conditions.

Also, it’s always a good idea to check the wire before you plug it in and start using it. Don’t assume that the wire will be fine.

The wires on electric lawn mowers will inevitably be dragged over rough ground at some point when in use or sometimes the wire may snag on something and get pulled out of it’s sleeve.

It’s very important to check an electric lawn mower before you use it each time.

Always remember when using an electric mower to keep an eye on where the wire is as you don’t want to go over it and cut through it. It’s good to keep some wire over your shoulder and hold it in your hand as well, that way you will be aware of where the wire is at all times and will be far less likely to run over it.

REMEMBER: It’s better to be safe then sorry.

I generally use petrol powered lawn mowers, whether it be a petrol push mower for smaller gardens or a self-propelled rear roller mower for larger gardens, but there a few instances when I use an electric mower.

Rear Side View Of An Electric Mower

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There are some pretty decent electric lawn mowers available, 5 of my top choices you can read about below.

All of the electric lawn mowers listed below are of very good quality and all do a fantastic job of mowing the lawn.

They are not listed in any particular order and I’m certain that you would be pleased to own any one of them.

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1. Bosch Rotak 36R

Bosch make very good electric lawn mowers. Quite a few of my customers have different model Bosch lawn mowers so i’ve used a few of them.

I use one of these Bosch Rotak 36R every 2 weeks. I use it because there is a steep grass verge at this particular customers house and using one of my petrol powered mowers would be very difficult.

The first time I used the Bosch Rotak 36R I was very impressed with it. It gives a lovely cut and the grass catcher is better than I was expecting. It fills up very easily due to the Bosch airflow technology and rarely gets clogged. The grass catcher is also bigger then it looks at 40 litres.

It has great ergonomic handlebars which help you keep a good posture and makes controlling the mower very easy.

It has rubber coated wheels for good traction and even has a rear lawn drum so you can give your lawn the stripey effect.

Features and Specifications:

  • 40 litre grass catcher
  • Hand push movement
  • 1400w motor
  • Cutting heights from 20-70mm
  • Cutting width is 14″
  • Quick click handle system
  • The weight of the mower is 12 kg
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year warranty

Price: £139.99 with free delivery

Where to buy: Lawnmowers UK

2. Wolf Garten E40E 40CM Expert

I am a massive fan of the Wolf Garten range of garden tools and their lawn mowers are no exception.

Wolf Garten are a German company and have been making quality garden tools for a very long time.

This lawn mower is a very good electric mower that certainly lives up to the high quality you expect from Wolf Garten.

As this mower is part of the expert range it comes with what they call the Triplex system. This is an airflow system that is designed to collect the grass easily whether it’s dry, wet or just longer than normal.

The E40E is also a 3in1 mower and will cut, collect and mulch the grass cuttings.

The cable that comes with this mower is 20 metres long, therefore eradicating the need for an extension lead a lot of the time.

With it’s 16″ cutting width, this lawn mower is even comfortable mowing larger sized gardens.

The soft grip handle folds for easy storage.

Features and Specifications:

  • 55 litre grass catcher with fill level indicator
  • Hand push movement
  • 1600w motor
  • Cutting heights from 25-80mm
  • Cutting width is 16″
  • 20 metre cable
  • Foldable and height adjustment handlebars
  • 3 in 1: Cut, collect and mulch
  • The weight of the mower is 25 kg
  • Manufacturer’s 5 year warranty

Price: £310.00 with free delivery

Where to buy: Lawnmowers UK

3. Honda HRE370

Honda make lovely lawn mowers, whether they’re petrol or electric powered, you know you’re getting a good mower with the Honda name on it.

They have recently re-shaped the blades on these mowers to improve the safety and to reduce noise.

The deck has also been improved to get better airflow, therefore improving the grass collection and making sure you don’t have to keep emptying the grass catcher too often.

There are new motor covers on this mower to reduce the engine noise, and another great feature is a carry handle to help when the mower needs to be lifted.

The last thing to mention is the Thermal Cut Off Switch which is specially designed to shut the engine off if the mower gets clogged up and stops the blade turning. Before if the mower got clogged and the blade couldn’t turn the engine could burn out quite easily, thus ruining the lawn mower.

Features and Benefits:

  • 35 litre grass catcher
  • Hand push movement
  • 1300w motor
  • Cutting heights from 18-65mm
  • Cutting width is 14.5″
  • 15 metre cable
  • The weight of the mower is 15 kg
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year warranty

Price: £199.00 with free delivery

Where to buy: Lawnmowers UK

4. Hayter Spirit 41

Hayter, famous for their Hayter stripes don’t disappoint even with this electric mower.

This really is a superb electric mower. It benefits from having the same aluminium and plastic construction as the petrol models they produce, thus making this mower lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

The motor is specially designed for Hayter by ATB and is a brilliant motor and pretty quiet too.

There are fins on the front of the mower that improve the grass collection and quality of cutting.

It has rubber rimmed wheels and a ribbed rear roller so you can still get the stripey effect on your lawn that you get with their petrol powered models.

The handlebars fold down for space-saving storage.

Features and Specifications:

  • 55 litre grass catcher
  • Hand push movement
  • 1500w motor
  • Cutting heights from 13-65mm
  • Cutting width is 16″
  • 17 metre cable
  • The weight of the mower is 29 kg
  • Manufacturer’s 3 year domestic warranty (Annual service required)

Price: £258.00 with free delivery

Where to buy: Lawnmowers UK

5. Cobra MX46SPE

The last mower in my top 5 choices is this self-propelled one from Cobra.

Cobra makes great lawn mowers and this electric one is no exception. It has many features you’d expect to only find on a petrol powered mower.

This is the only mower out of the 5 listed that is self-propelled. Although it would be fine as just a push mower, there are no complaints as this just makes it that bit easier to use.

The MX46SPE is a 4in1 lawn mower. It cuts, collects, mulches and rear/side discharges.

It can be used to cut grass that is quite long and that is when the side discharge function becomes very useful. You can cut the long grass and let it discharge from the side of the mower and then decompose naturally.

Like the Wolf Garten E40E lawn mower, this mower is good for larger sized lawns as well as smaller lawns as it has an 18″ cutting width and the self-propelled movement.

Features and Specifications:

  • 60 litre grass catcher
  • Self-propelled movement
  • 1800w motor
  • Cutting heights from 25-75mm
  • Cutting width is 18″
  • 15 metre cable
  • The weight of the mower is 31 kg
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year warranty

Price: £239.99 with free delivery

Where to buy: Lawnmowers UK

To Finish

I hope that you have found this review post on electric lawn mowers both interesting and helpful.

If you have a small garden or just prefer to use an electric lawn mower then I hope one of the 5 above will be suited to your needs.

Lawn mowers are getting improved upon all the time and the 5 I have listed above are all brilliant mowers that will leave your lawn looking nice, tidy and well cut.

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to leave then you can leave them below, thank you!

Alternatively you can e-mail me at: michael@trustedgardeningtools.com

If you would like to leave your e-mail address then I will happily keep you updated on any future posts on gardening tools and also any special offers I come across that may interest you.

Happy Gardening!

6 Replies to “What Is The Best Electric Lawn Mower 2019 – My Top 5 Choices.

  1. I have always been a gas-powered Briggs and Stratton kind of guy. However, I have recently downsized to a smaller house with a much smaller yard. I have been considering a new electric mower for some time now. After reading this post I most definitely will be getting one real soon. thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Sean,
      I have been using petrol powered lawn mowers with Briggs and Stratton or Honda engines for many years now and they are very reliable machines.
      However if you only have a small lawn now then an electric mower is probably your best bet.
      Any of the 5 I’ve reviewed are great mowers and will do a great job on your lawn.
      Best wishes,

  2. These look so interesting. I didn’t realize there were so many options, very good information.

    1. Hi Cristy,
      Yes, there are a lot of choices when it comes to lawn mowers these days. Whether they’re petrol, cordless, push or electric there really are a lot to choose from.
      Unfortunately there are a lot about that aren’t that good, so I hope with my post it’ll help people get the right ones.
      Best wishes,

  3. Thanks for sharing this review on electric mowers. I currently use a gas powered Husqvarna mower as we have .23 of an acre and I think that’s pushing the limits on an electric. The Husqvarna is dying though, so I’ll be checking back often for reviews on gas-powered mowers. My big toss up is larger rear wheels or not, or self-propelled or not…

    1. Hi Dave,
      Yes, I agree. With a lot of land then you’re definitely better off with a petrol powered lawn mower.
      Husqvarna make very good quality garden machinery.
      I do prefer the self-propelled models and the larger rear wheels are meant to help with traction, but if you have a fairly flat lawn then it wouldn’t make too much of a difference.
      Best wishes,

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