The Best Bypass Loppers 2019 – 5 Of The Top Ones.

The Best Bypass Loppers

This post is about The Best Bypass Loppers – 5 Of The Top Ones.

Loppers are an important part of any gardeners tool kit.

Whether you are just working in your own garden or gardening is your job then you would always benefit from having a decent pair of loppers.

Loppers come in 2 different types: Bypass or Anvil.

With Bypass loppers then the blade works like scissors. The top blade comes down and passes by the side of the bottom blade. This gives a nice clean cut and will not crush whatever you are cutting.

Head Of Bypass Loppers 01
Bypass Loppers
Head Of Bypass Loppers 02
Bypass Loppers








With Anvil loppers, then the top blade closes against a wider block (of normally softer metal) below, therefore compressing against the bottom block and cutting through that way. With the Anvil type you are more likely to crush the stalk, stem, branch of whatever you are cutting through. This makes them better suited for dead wood or wood where clean cuts aren’t needed.

Head Of Anvil Loppers 01
Anvil Loppers
Head Of Anvil Loppers 02
Anvil Loppers








I am only concentrating on the Bypass type of lopper for this post though. I will do a separate post with Anvil loppers in.

If you have trees or larger type shrubs in your garden or places where you work as a gardener, then you could definitely do with a decent pair of bypass loppers.

As with my other Trusted 5’s and Trusted 10s posts, they are not really in a particular order, but all 5 of the listed loppers are very good and I happily recommend all of them.

Whenever I’m pruning trees then I’ll always have my bypass loppers with me. If you have the right (decent) kind of loppers then you’ll make light work of pruning. (Obviously I’m talking about trees that aren’t giant ones. Smallish trees, fruit trees etc.)

When I’m pruning fruit trees for my customers then I like to get right into the middle of the tree and take out a lot of the inward growing branches. With bypass loppers it’s quite an easy thing to do. Generally you can get the loppers close to the end of the branch you wish to cut off and leave a nice clean cut that will heal nicely and quickly.

If you have a lot of trees and shrubs to prune using your loppers then I’d recommend having secateurs and a pruning saw to hand as well.

Sometimes you may struggle to open the loppers wide enough to fit around certain branches, this is normally due to other branches or the trunk being in the way. This is when it’s especially handy to have a pruning saw with you as well.

I will be writing a post on Tree Pruning Saws soon, so please look out for it.

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1. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp 18-30″ Telescopic Ratchet Bypass Loppers

The first pair of loppers I will tell you about are these Spear & Jackson Razorsharp ones.

As you are probably aware, Spear & Jackson make a lot of very good quality and very reliable gardening tools.

You can see these loppers in my post: List Of Gardening Tools – 10 Essential Ones.

These loppers are great. They are telescopic, which means you can extend the length of the handles. These extend to 1 metre so you get a good cutting length with them.

The handles twist to extend and then twist back to lock in place so you can use these at various different lengths.

Being made of aluminium and having soft grips makes these loppers nice and lightweight to use, but they can handle the hard work with ease.

They are also ratcheted loppers so it makes it quite a bit easier to cut through branches, especially thicker branches as the ratchet mechanism is doing a lot of the hard work for you.

The blades are made of carbon steel so are very sharp and strong. The blades are also coated with PTFE which will help prevent them from rusting and help give a nice cut.

CLICK HERE to buy these Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Bypass Loppers.

2. C.k. 5043 Legend Bypass Lopper 750mm

These C.K. Legend Loppers are awesome. They cost a lot, but in my opinion are well worth it.

They are so well-made and if looked after and cleaned properly should have no trouble lasting you a lifetime.

You may or may not have read my post on Lawn Edging Shears where I have 2 different sets of C.K. lawn edging shears in my top 10 list. If you haven’t read that post then please click the link below to see it.

The 10 Best Lawn Edging Shears (Including Lawn Shears)

The blades on these loppers are drop forged, hardened and tempered steel. They are super sharp and very durable.

They have hardwood handles which have been lacquered for longevity.

Weighing 1.8 kg they are not overly heavy and nice and comfortable to use.

CLICK HERE to buy these C.k. 5043 Legend Bypass Loppers.

3. Wolf Garten RR900T Power Cut Telescopic Bypass Lopper

If you have looked on my site before and read any of my previous posts then you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of Wolf Garten Tools.

I have a lot of their multi-change and fixed handheld tools and have been using them for years.

You can read my 2 previous posts on Wolf Garten Tools by clicking on the links below. I hope you will enjoy them.

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These RR900T Bypass loppers are brilliant.

They are telescopic and will extend from 650-900mm.

The blades are carbon steel and have a non-stick coating to help prevent build up of sap and also to help rust prevention.

With 2 pivot points to make cutting through thicker branches easier and ergonomic aluminium handles with very comfortable soft grips, these loppers are lovely to use.

These loppers come with the Wolf Garten 10 year guarantee.

CLICK HERE to buy these Wolf Garten RR900T loppers.

4. Fiskars LX98 Large PowerGear X Bypass Pruning Shears Lopper

Fiskars are a company from Finland that have been around for over 300 years, making them one of the oldest businesses in the western world.

They make a lot of very good and very reliable gardening tools.

I have a pair of their secateurs listed in another post. Click below to check it out.

The 10 Best Garden Secateurs (Bypass)

Fiskars have patented their PowerGear mechanism and say it gives you three times more force.

The blades on these loppers are made from stainless steel that have been ground for extra strength. They also have a PTFE coating for rust prevention and to stop things sticking to them.

The handles are made of lightweight aluminium and have ergonomic soft grips so you can use them for long periods without discomfort.

These loppers are 800mm long. You can get them in 2 shorter lengths: 570mm and 640mm, but I recommend the 800mm ones, simply because, the longer the handles then the better the leverage and the easier it is to cut with them.

CLICK HERE to buy these Fiskars LX98 loppers.

5. Faithfull SAMBYLOPR Samurai Bypass Lopper Ratchet Telescopic

The last set of loppers are these Faithfull ones. They make a wide range of different tools and for the price these are a decent set of loppers.

They have carbon steel blades with a non-stick coating for rust prevention.

Like the Spear and Jackson loppers, these are telescopic and have a ratchet mechanism.

They will extend from 700-990mm and have an easy to use locking mechanism for the lightweight aluminium handles.

Although the handle grips aren’t ergonomic and as soft as some other sets of loppers they are still comfortable to use and do a very good job of pruning larger wood and leaving a clean cut.

CLICK HERE to buy these Faithfull Samurai loppers.

To Finish

I hope you have found this review post to be informative and it has given you an idea as to what loppers you might want for your garden or gardening jobs.

A decent pair of Bypass loppers are definitely worthwhile in my opinion, and I use mine frequently.

If you’re buying loppers just for your own garden then think what you will use them for to help decide which ones to purchase.

  • Do you need them to be telescopic (extend) to reach higher places.
  • Will the ratchet mechanism be beneficial to you?
  • How thick are the branches you need to cut through

All 5 of the above listed Bypass loppers are good quality and do the exact job they’re meant to and I hope my reviews of them have helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments then please leave them below.

Alternatively you can e-mail me at:

If you would like to leave your e-mail address then I will happily keep you informed of any new posts I write or any special offers on gardening tools that I come across.

Happy gardening!



10 Replies to “The Best Bypass Loppers 2019 – 5 Of The Top Ones.

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for your compliment on my website.
      I do hope you will try out some of the tools I recommend and that you will be pleased with them.
      Best wishes,

  1. I have the fiskars brand of lopper. I haven’t used it much in gardening lately. I have just been focusing on my impatiens and haven’t needed them for such delicate flowers.

    1. Hi Melinda,
      The Fiskars loppers are very good as are a lot of the Fiskars gardening tools.
      I agree, they are not really good for such delicate flowers as impatiens, but they are still handy to have in the shed for when they are needed.
      Best wishes,

  2. Michael,
    Now I know what I have been doing wrong. I have a set of anvil loppers and while they are very useful, what I need to be using for a lot of my trimming is the bypass loppers. Each year, I seem to get more behind because of all the smaller, green type stuff to trim. Always have been a bit frustrated but never thought to think the problem through and look at what I was doing. Thanks and now, to get a good set of bypass loopers and get busy.

    1. Hi Sanders,
      It’s always good to have the bypass variety of loppers and secateurs for pruning green wood. It will leave a nice cut and not damage the tree/plant.
      I hope you will look at my other posts and see if there is anything that interests you there.
      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Michael,

    Great post! I recently moved into an apartment block with no garden haha! So my lopping days may be over for a little while. I used to very much love getting out in the garden and mowing the lawn, weeding and lopping.

    i can’t remember the name of the loppers I had but this is such a great post and so thorough. Perfect for the home gardener or tradie. Thanks,


    1. Hi Kevin,
      I appreciate you taking time to read and comment even though you have not got a garden at the moment.
      I hope you will come back to visit my site in the future if you ever get a garden again.
      If not, then please feel free to recommend my site to any friends who may be after gardening tools.
      Best wishes,

  4. After all the gardening I do, I would never have thought to look into the different loppers out there. This was a great read and I feel more pumped to get out there and get my garden looking it’s best!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for commenting.
      There are so many different types of gardening tool available now. Loppers are an important tool, especially if you have trees in your garden.
      I hope you will choose the right ones for your needs.
      Best wishes,

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