Silky Hand Pruning Saws 2019 – The Top 7.

Silky hand pruning saw

In this review post I will be writing about 7 quality Silky Hand Pruning Saws.

Not in any particular order, but all very good pruning saws that you would be happy to have in your gardening tool kit.

If you have never heard of Silky saws then you should know that they are without doubt the best pruning saws you can buy. If you have heard of them, then you will know this already.

A Pruning Saw Blade

Silky saws are made in Japan by UM Kogyo inc. They have been making saws since 1919 and have a brilliant reputation.

The quality and cutting efficiency of these saws is unrivaled. (Remember that Japan is also home to the famous Samurai swords, and no other swords come close to them).

Silky have been leading the way in saw technology for close to 100 years now and have always been at the forefront of any new designs and ideas.

In 1980 they patented a saw setting process that improved upon the sharpness of the teeth by a vast amount.

They were the first company to produce rubber handles on their saws.

In the last 30 years alone they keep on producing excellent quality designs for their saws. And still today they are at the forefront of saw design and production.

These amazingly brilliant saws can and are used all around the world and I guarantee that if you were to use one yourself then you would see why they have the reputation that they do.

When you cut through a branch for the first time using a Silky saw you will be astounded at just how easily it cuts. (The phrase, “like a knife through butter” springs to mind).

I have heard people say that because these saws are so good they will often times not bother to start their chainsaw up if they have their Silky pruning saw to hand.

A Pruning Saw Blade

Having to saw through branches in confined spaces is a breeze if you have one of these with you.

Always bear in mind that these saws are designed to cut on the pull stroke.

All silky saws have laser cut hardened blades making them last a lot longer than other pruning saws you will come across.

Hardened teeth will stay sharp for around 3 times longer than teeth that haven’t been hardened.

The alloy steel used for the blades is exclusive to silky saws.

A special high frequency heating process is used whereby only the teeth of the blade are heated and hardened and the rest of the blade is left so it keeps its flexibility.

Another great thing about Silky saws are the handles. They are all ergonomically designed. Not only to be comfortable, but also to give good grip, reduce vibration and they won’t get slippery even when wet or when wearing gloves.

All Silky fixed blade saws comes with a scabbard and some of the folding saws come with a carry case.

PLEASE NOTE: All these saws come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

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1. Silky Zubat  390mm

This saw is one of Silky’s most popular best-selling curved pruning saw.

It’s also one of the best-selling saws in the commercial aborist (tree surgeon) market.

The Zubat is available in 5 blade lengths, but the one I’ve picked is the 390mm length.  I think it’s the perfect size to handle more or less any pruning jobs whether you’re a casual gardener or if gardening is what you do for a living.

There are 6.5 TPI (teeth per inch) on this blade which means that this saw will cut through large sized branches with ease. That said it will also easily saw through small branches too.

It cuts on the pull stroke and cuts very well with little effort.

The scabbard it comes with is brilliant too. It has a small opening in the bottom, so not only will it let any sawdust fall out, it will also stop any moisture build up that could damage the blade.

The handle of the Zubat is ergonomically designed for comfort and so your hand won’t slip when using it, even if it’s wet or you’re wearing gloves.

There’s also a locking feature so the saw will stay locked firmly in the scabbard when not in use. A belt holster (detachable) is also included.

All parts are replaceable, not only the blade, but also the handle and scabbard can be ordered separately.

At only 320 grams in weight when you’re using it out of the holster, this pruning saw really is amazing and well worth the price.

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2. Silky Gomtaro 102-30 300mm

This saw is a straight bladed one.

It is one of the best-selling silky saws on the market and has been one of the most popular for many years.

The Gomtaro like the Zubat is available in 5 blade lengths, this one being the longest one.

They are great for cutting medium to large sized branches and are perfect when the wood to be cut is dry or hard.

There are 7 teeth per inch on this blade. The teeth have been and are razor sharp and set at different angles so it cuts extremely fast and very smoothly.

REMEMBER when cutting to cut on the pull stroke.

It comes with a sturdy black scabbard which has a belt loop on, or you can attach with a leg strap.

At only 260 grams when in use, it’s lightweight but a very sharp and capable pruning saw.

All parts can be replaced.

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3. Silky Sugowaza

This is a large saw. The blade of this one is 420mm (16.5″), so is absolutely brilliant at cutting through large diameter branches.

If you don’t want or like to use a chainsaw then this is the pruning saw you’ll want to get.

This really is the perfect pruning saw for large (green wood) branches. It cuts through so quickly that you may even be surprised that is doesn’t actually have a rotating blade like a chainsaw.

Because it has hard chrome plating on it, it is very resistant to rusting and from things like resin sticking to the blade. That being said, you should always clean your tools anyway, regardless of how they’re made. Look after your tools and you will get a more than adequate life out of them.

With large teeth and 6.5 teeth per inch this saw makes light work of pruning branches up to 300mm.

You get a bright orange scabbard with this saw which you can attach to your belt or leg.

The ergonomic rubber handle helps reduce vibration and gives excellent grip in all conditions.

All parts are replaceable

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4. Silky Gomtaro 240mm Saw

With 7 teeth per inch this 240mm length blade will cut through both small and larger branches easily.

It has the great ergonomic handle you expect from Silky pruning saws, that you can use in all conditions without fear of it slipping and you injuring yourself.

The alloy steel blade narrows out to give a super fast and very smooth cut on all your branches.

A great saw that can be used in your garden and also great for taking camping to saw up firewood.

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5. Silky Gomboy Landscaping hand Saw

This is one of the folding Silky saws in my list.

The Gomboy is also the best-selling of Silky’s saws in the world.

It comes in 4 blade lengths: 210mm, 240mm, 270mm and 300mm. This review is for the 240mm length.

This 240mm version has it’s own hard plastic case for storage.

A spring-loaded locking mechanism makes it very safe when using.

It’s perfect for cutting both green and dry wood and will make a perfect saw to take camping to cut up firewood.

With 8.5 teeth per inch, this is a super little saw that will do you very proud.

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6. Silky Super Accel Folding Saw 210mm

This is another of Silky’s folding saw.

It is a very popular one of there saws and is used for general pruning both by professionals and casual gardeners.

The blade length is 210mm so not overly long, but very sharp and very capable of sawing through reasonably thick branches.

I think the face that the blade isn’t really long and it’s a folding saw is what makes it so popular, as it’s very handy to take camping as well as using for pruning in the garden.

It’s easy to carry about too.

There are 6.5 teeth per inch on the blade of this. The blade locks securely when it’s open or closed which makes it safe and also protects it when not in use.

You can lock the blade in 2 different positions when it’s open. One of the positions is really handy for when you’re using it in tight and confined places.

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7. Silky Gomboy 210mm

This is the last on the list and another folding saw.

It has a straight blade that is 210mm in length.

As I’ve said above, the Gomboy is the best selling of Silky’s saws worldwide.

The Gomboy comes in 4 lengths and this is the shortest one you can get.

It will cut through dead wood and green wood with such ease using it’s razor sharp ground teeth.

It’s also a favourite saw amongst woodworkers and I’m not surprised as it’s easy to handle, the blade isn’t overly long and the locking mechanism whether open or closed is superb.

There’s 8.5 teeth per inch on this super saw and like the 240mm version at number 5 it comes with it’s own plastic carry case, which stores it perfectly.

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To Finish

Thanks for reading my review post on Silky pruning saws.

I hope this has given you some good information on these saws and has helped you to buy the right one that you need for your gardening tasks.

These saws really are the best pruning saws you will get anywhere. Other brands of pruning saws are good and will do the expected job, but Silky saws really are in a league of their own.

If you have any questions you would like to ask or any comments on this post then please leave them below and I’ll be certain to reply to you as soon as I can.

Happy Gardening.

9 Replies to “Silky Hand Pruning Saws 2019 – The Top 7.

  1. This is a fantastic post. i have just recently moved to a place where I will be needing more tools to tend to my garden. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Catherine,
      I do hope you will be able to find some great gardening tools you will need for your new place by looking through my site.
      A good pruning saw is always handy, especially if your new place has large shrubs or trees that will need pruning every so often.
      Please read through some of my other posts and see if there’s any other tools that will be of use to you.
      Best wishes,

  2. I had no idea there was such a saw!
    Thank you for the informative article, I will be considering this a MUST for my home garden.

    1. Hi Bree,
      I’m sure many people haven’t heard of Silky pruning saws and with this review post I aim to change that.
      They really are awesome saws and will be handy to any level of gardener.
      Once you use one you will will wonder why you’ve never used one before.
      Best wishes,

  3. I had never heard of Silky brand saws before. I just recently purchased a house with a good sized back yard and definitely need to prune a few bushes and trees. I think I will opt for the Silky Gomboy Landscaping. I love that all of their saws look kind of like samurai swords and that this one is foldable. Space is precious. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Maryann,
      The Silky Gomboy is a great saw for pruning. I’m sure you will get on well with it.
      Like you say, “space is precious” and being foldable will save a bit of space and also protect yourself and the blade.
      Please look through my other posts and see if there are any other gardening tools that could be of use to you.
      Best wishes,

  4. I have been looking for a good hand pruning saw for more than a month now. Needless to say, I was not sure what to purchase, so this post is of great help to me. In particular, I like the Silky Gomboy hand saw. My husband will certainly love this one.

    1. Hi Carol.
      I can tell you that you and your husband will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase the Silky Gomboy hand pruning saw, or any other Silky saw for that matter.
      There are other brands of pruning saw and I have a review post for some of them also, but if you can then get a Silky saw as they really are the best you can get.
      Good luck with getting and using your new saw.
      Best wishes,

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