List Of Gardening Tools – 10 Essential Ones.

List Of Gardening Tools - 10 Essential Ones

In this post, the list of gardening tools. 10 essential ones, I will be writing about what I believe are 10 essential gardening tools every gardener should have.

Like some lists in my TRUSTED TOP 10’S this list isn’t really in any particular order. I will just be writing about 10 gardening tools that I think every gardener should have to be able to complete almost any task in their garden.

I will write a bit about each tool and the benefits they have for working with in your garden and I will also have links to click through to my favourite brand of each listed tool so you can see the best place to purchase your own ones from.


1. Digging Fork

A good quality digging fork is a must for any gardener, be it someone who is just tending to their own little garden or someone who works professionally as a gardener.

The best kinds of digging forks are made of FORGED CARBON STEEL. This means that it is made from a single piece of metal (not welded) and so will be very strong and suitable for use in most types of soil.

The handles are generally either D-shaped or T-shaped. Both kinds are just as good in my opinion.

A digging fork will have 4 long pointed tines for easy soil penetration and can be used for a variety of tasks around the garden, some of which I will list below.

  • Digging, breaking up and turning over of soil and compost.
  • Digging up plants and bulbs for moving or getting rid of.
  • Digging out roots, stones etc. from beds and borders ready for planting.
  • Aerating the lawn to let in oxygen for healthier grass and less moss.

The digging fork I recommend is the Bulldog Evergreen Digging Fork.

CLICK HERE to buy this fork.


2. Digging Spade

Another good quality digging tool must have is the digging spade.

Again the best kinds of digging spade are made of FORGED CARBON STEEL. Being forged from a single piece of metal means it is much less likely to bend or break.

The blade on a digging spade should be quite sharp so it can break into the soil easily.

You can get digging spades with flat blades or pointed blades. For general gardening I will always use one with a flat blade as it’s much more versatile than a pointed one.

Some uses of a digging spade I will list below.

  • Digging and breaking up of various types of soil.
  • Moving of soil.
  • Edging of lawns/borders. (Make sure the spade you’re using hasn’t got a curved blade)

The digging spade I recommend is the Spear and Jackson Neverbend Professional Heavy Duty Spade.

CLICK HERE to buy this spade.


3. Secateurs

Secateurs come in two types: Bypass or Anvil.

Bypass is where the top blade will cut down and go past the bottom blade (bypass it) like a pair of scissors.

Read my post on The 10 Best Garden Secateurs (Bypass). By CLICKING HERE.

Anvil is where the top blade cuts down onto a thicker block of softer metal below.

Both kinds of secateurs are good to use and can be used for a lot of the same cutting jobs. Some people will say that the anvil type aren’t good for pruning as they can crush the plants.

In my opinion I don’t think it matters an awful lot so long as you’re using a good quality pair.

For this list though the pair I recommend are of the bypass type as I find these better at getting into tighter spaces with.

Good quality secateurs are great for pruning all round the garden and will give clean, precise cuts with little effort.

The pair I use the most and recommend are the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs.

I have mine on a holster attached to my belt so they’re always within easy reach when I’m working.

CLICK HERE to buy these secateurs.

CLICK HERE to buy a holster for the secateurs. Although the holster is a Felco one, nearly all types of Secateur will fit into this holster.

4. Lawn Rake

A rake is also a very important tool for every gardener.

There are a lot of different types of rake available. You can read my post on The Best Rakes – What They’re Used For by CLICKING HERE.

The rake I’m choosing in my list of gardening tools is the lawn rake, also known as the spring tine or fan rake.

The reason I am choosing this type of rake is because of its versatility.

Although similar to a leaf rake, a lawn rake can be used for not only raking leaves but a lot of other tasks as well.

Leaf rakes generally have plastic heads and tines whereas lawn rakes are generally metal.

The tines are quite thin and fan out. They bend over at the ends with a slight curve or at a right angle.

Some uses for the lawn rake I will list below.

  • Raking leaves and other garden waste.
  • Raking out moss and thatch (dry grass) from lawns.
  • Spreading compost or topsoil.
  • Raking moss from paths and patios.

The lawn rake I recommend is the Bulldog Premier Springbok Lawn Rake.

CLICK HERE to buy this rake.


5. Dutch Hoe

Like the rakes, there are many types of hoe available.

You might be interested to read my post on Garden Hoe Types – Their best uses. By CLICKING HERE.

For this list I have chosen a dutch hoe as I find it has the best all round use for gardens.

The dutch hoe has a rectangular blade that is attached to the socket via two brackets (one either side).

The hoe is designed for pushing and pulling just under the surface of the soil cutting off the weeds and therefore starving them of the sun they need to grow. The blade is sharp on both long sides to make pushing and pulling it relatively easy.

It is great for open areas. Just be a little cautious when hoeing close to plants or vegetables with this type of hoe as the blade is reasonably big.

This type of hoe can also be used for making trenches for planting.

The Dutch Hoe I recommend is the Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Dutch Hoe.

CLICK HERE to buy this hoe.


6. Garden Knife

A good quality garden knife really is an invaluable tool for any gardener. They can be used for so many things.

The knife I am writing about is a Japanese knife called a Hori Hori. (In Japanese, Hori means “to dig”).

This knife has a curved blade that is serrated on one side and sharp on the other side and comes to a reasonably sharp point at the end. It comes with a case to keep in when you’re not using it to prevent any nasty accidents.

It has measures on it up to 6 inches for planting.

The uses are plenty, some of which I will list below.

  • Digging and weeding.
  • Cutting, sawing and slicing.
  • Measuring and planting bulbs.
  • Transplanting and scooping.

I definitely recommend the Hori Hori knife.

CLICK HERE to buy this versatile garden knife.


7. Loppers

Loppers are very useful to have. Although secateurs will do a lot of the pruning, they can only manage the smaller stuff.

Loppers are great for cutting through branches etc. that are too big for the secateurs. Also, cutting up dead wood is easy to do with a decent pair of loppers.

Loppers come in two kinds like secateurs: Bypass and Anvil. I find both kinds good to use.

When I’m choosing loppers I like to get a pair that are reasonably long so will reach to harder to get areas. I find a decent quality pair with telescopic handles are the best so you can extend them when the need arises.

The pair I recommend in this list are the bypass type and as well as having telescopic handles they are also ratchet loppers which gives you that extra power when cutting, especially through thicker stuff. You do have to open the handles quite wide for the ratchet mechanism to be used to its full advantage, but it does make a difference in the cutting power.

The ones I recommend are the Spear and Jackson Razorsharp 18-30 Inch Telescopic Bypass Ratchet Loppers.

CLICK HERE to buy these loppers.


8. Hedge Shears

A great tool to have for your garden, but also it’s very important to have a pair that work well. If you use hedge shears that don’t cut properly then not only will you be taking a much longer time cutting your hedges, but you’ll also end up making it look a mess or even damaging the hedge in the process.

When you cut hedges using a good quality pair of shears you notice.

Shears with a wavy blade seem to work the best. They really do cut hedges with ease, even quite thick diameter branches.

The pair I recommend are very expensive but truly are the best quality, giving the best cut of any I’ve tried.

They are the same brand as the number 1 on my 10 Best Lawn Edging Shears list. CLICK HERE to see that list.

They are the C.K. Legend Golden C.K. Shears.

CLICK HERE to buy these shears.


9. Hand Fork

Hand forks are great little tools, especially for weeding in tight spaces, between plants, and in pots where using bigger tools is not suitable.

They are basically just smaller versions of a digging fork, although they usually have only 3 tines.

Because they are a lot smaller it makes the stainless steel ones perfect to use.

Hand forks can used.

  • Weeding
  • Breaking up soil
  • Aerating in beds and borders
  • Mixing in compost or fertilizer

I recommend using the Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Steel Weed Fork.

CLICK HERE to buy this hand fork.


10. Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are used like hand forks, in tight spaces or pots when a spade cannot be used.

They are a great little tool to have around and can be used for lots of gardening tasks. You can get hand trowels with various different blades shapes and each will be for specific tasks, but I find a general garden trowel combined with other tools in this list will do any gardener just fine.

Hand trowels can be used for:

  • Weeding
  • Planting and Transplanting
  • Digging holes
  • Moving compost to pots

The hand trowel I recommend is the Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Steel Trowel. 

CLICK HERE to buy this Hand Trowel.


To Finish

I hope this post on list of gardening tools. 10 essential ones, was informative and useful to you.

With these 10 gardening tools in your kit then you’ll be able to tackle pretty much any job in your garden.

Please read some of my other posts on different gardening tools and the ones I recommend.

If you leave your e-mail address I will keep you updated on any new tools that are released and also on any special offers about for any of the tools I recommend.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or you can e-mail me at:

Happy Gardening!






20 Replies to “List Of Gardening Tools – 10 Essential Ones.

  1. Hi, Michael!

    I have a small garden but still have to use everyone of thiese tools. I haden’t thought of holster for the secateurs before I read your article. That was a great idea that I now thinking of using. I never know where I have left that secateur…

    Thank you for your article and may everyones garden get beutiful 🙂

    Regards, Jan

  2. I’ve never used a gardening knife before, but I can see how they would be helpful. This is a great list of essential gardening tools. However, you can easily just get started with a gardening spade and fork. More advanced gardens and lanscaped will benefit from the use of the tools that you mentioned.

  3. You can never go wrong with a good spring rake. I can clean up my entire yard, and the bushes with it. Great article.

  4. Hi Michael, It was great reading all about your top10 gardening tools and I fully agree and have them all except the Dutch hoe. I had a hoe but not the same. As have moved into a Retirement Complex I don’t get to garden quite as much as I did in the house. A friend and I have taken on looking after the communal garden as well as our own small patches of garden. All was going well until we are suffering an extreme drought this year. Still praying for the rain and hoping that some of our beloved plants will survive. Many thanks for this post. I enjoyed it. Best wishes, Jill

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I will pray for rain for you also. Here in England we have had plenty of rain and snow so far this year, I wish I could send some to you so you get the chance to care for and make sure your plants survive.
      A lot of plants are very hardy when it comes to extreme weather conditions, so I’m hoping your beloved plants will flourish again after you get that much needed rain.
      Best wishes,
      Take care,

  5. For the 12 years I’ve lived in my current house, my garden has never been above average and I really want to change that. Obviously once the snow here in Calgary goes away I will try my best to start and maintain having a good looking and healthy garden. The summers here can be very sunny which is good news for the plants.. I just have to remember to water them lol also I’ve had a “secateur” for years now and I never knew that’s what they were called. I also didn’t know there were HOLSTERS for them? Thank you for the info on this Micheal, I will be saving this post and referencing back to it in the spring/summer time.

    1. Hi Zahub,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s been snowing here in England too at the moment, although I doubt it’s anywhere near as much as you have.
      It’s good you get nice summers. The plants will like it and there’s nothing like working in your own garden on a nice summers day.
      The holster is very good. I won’t go without one now.
      Best wishes,

  6. Hello Michael, What is better than being able to be in your garden? And making the work more efficient. Great list of tools.
    I especially liked the holster too.
    Although I no longer have a place for a garden, I love to hear my friends talk gardens. I think that when we have the right tools, (which is true of life too, isn’t it..?) then we make amazing things happen.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,
      I absolutely love working as a gardener, whether it be in my customers gardens or my own garden, I just really enjoy it.
      The holster for my secateurs is now an essential part of the kit for me and I wonder how I used to manage without one.
      You’re definitey right about making amazing things happen with the right tools, in our jobs and in life too.
      Belief and motivation helps and that all comes from within.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Best wishes,

  7. I can’t stress the importance of having a good hoe. I went through 3 of them last year. I was buying the cheapest ones I could find at Walmart which obviously wasn’t a good decision.

    Also, loppers are a good investment. I’m actually going to be purchasing a pair shortly. Mine are old and it makes it very hard to cut down small trees that start growing along the fence.

    1. Hi Garen,
      You’re definitely right. It’s important to have a good Hoe, but that goes with any tool really.
      If you keep buying the cheap ones then they won’t last long at all and you’ll just need to keep replacing them.
      You’e better off just getting a quality tool to begin with. A lot of the time you can get the quality ones for not a lot of money more then the cheaper ones and they will last so much longer if not a lifetime (If properly looked after).
      I aim to only review and recommend good quality tools that will last a long time and do a proper job.

  8. Hey, Michael!

    Such an informative article! Thank you!
    I must note that in regards to some of the tools listed here, I had no idea such existed, like the Dutch Hoe or Secateurs.
    I am, however, glad you shedding some light into the knowledge of mine.
    Thank you again, will definitely put your advice to a good use!

    Cheers and have an Awesome Day!

    1. Hi Matiss,
      Thanks for commenting on my post.
      I’m happy to have given you some knowledge into some of the different kinds of gardening tools available.
      Both the Dutch Hoe and Secateurs are great tools to have in a garden tool collection and are definitely an essential part of my tool kit.
      I hope you will gain further knowledge from some of my other posts.
      Thanks and best wishes,

  9. Very informative article on garden tools and very helpful also. This will help a lot of people who are just starting off to create a lovely looking garden, or even people who do take pride in their garden and was not aware of certain tools to use for certain purposes.

    Great article buddy, keep up the good work and have a fantastic day, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. Hi Dean,
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      I do hope that lots of people will find my posts helpful and even learn about tools for gardening that they have never used or heard of before.
      With these 10 essential gardening tools, you should have everything you need to get your garden in great shape.
      Best wishes,

      1. Yes, definitely. I am positive about the advice and information that you have provided in this article, it will definitely help a lot of people to shape up their garden to exactly what they want it to look like, with the knowledge of how to use the gardening tools and what they are used for. You have a great day buddy. Take care.

        Kind regards.


        1. Hi Dean,
          Thanks for your comment.
          I’m hoping this list of gardening tools will help both people who already do a lot of gardening and also people who have never done gardening before and want to start out.
          All tools listed are great quality and will be a great help to any gardener of any experience.
          Thanks and best wishes,

          1. You are very welcome buddy, I wish you all the success, happiness and prosperity that you deserve my friend, take care.

            Kind regards.


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