Garden Hoe Types – Their Best Uses.

Garden Hoe Types - Their Best Uses

In this post I will be writing about Garden Hoe Types. There are a lot of different types of hoe available.

You get hoes you just push, hoes you just pull and hoes you can push and pull. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Not all hoes can be used for the same job as I will explain when listing them. You will find some are brilliant for some jobs, but not good for other jobs.

I will go through the most common hoes available and a few more that not so common.

Every gardener needs a hoe of some kind to work with and they really can make light work of some jobs that you’d otherwise spend an age doing.

I will add links so you can click on them and be taken to the best place to buy the hoes from and also to get the best quality ones available to you.

Oscillating Hoe

The Oscillating Hoe is also known as a Scuffle, Stirrup or Hula Hoe.

What a great Hoe. Because of the oscillation (movement) and the fact the blade is very sharp makes this very easy and comfortable to use.

This hoe can be used in a push and pull fashion. The blade is really sharp and it works cutting the weeds beneath the soil and therefore leaving no foliage for the sun to get to, preventing them growing back quickly.

This type of hoe is good to use on open ground when you don’t have to work around a lot of plants or vegetables.

It has a self-sharpening blade also which is brilliant.

This type of hoe has become very popular and if you use one you will see why. It really is effortless to use on the right kind of ground.

Garden Hoe

The Garden Hoe is also known as a Draw, Paddle, Gooseneck or Chopper Hoe.

This type of hoe is designed to be pulled towards you.

This hoe has a rectangular flat paddle of metal at an angle on the bottom of the handle. It’s usually about 6″ in length and 4″ in width and is sharp along the front edge. The blade is attached to the handle with a gooseneck for better alignment and angle, so when using you’re not putting too much strain on your back.

What a good hoe for weeding and breaking up soil and can be used around plants and vegetables if you’re careful.

Grub Hoe

The Grub Hoe is also known as a Grubber, Adze or Azada Hoe.

What a brilliant heavy-duty hoe. It’s blade is set at a right angle to the handle and is designed to be used from hip height.

You hold it near the end of the handle with one hand and the other hand holds it about a third of the way up. Then you bring it up to hip height and down into the ground, using the weight and momentum of the blade to cut into the soil. Then you just drag it towards you.

They are a lot easier to use for breaking up soil than a spade would be.

They come in various sizes and weights so can be used in different kinds of areas. E.g. flowerbeds, borders, lawns and large areas of harder ground.

What a really great tool and sometimes I wonder why more people don’t use them. It definitely makes aspects of my work easier.

Dutch Hoe

The Dutch Hoe is one of the most widely used and recognized hoes around.

This hoe has a rectangular blade with two brackets leading up to the socket to connect to the handle.

This type of hoe is designed to be pushed and pulled and works just under the surface of the soil chopping the weeds off.

What an especially good hoe for open areas and makes a quick job of cutting off the weeds. Can also be used to form trenches.

Warren Hoe

The Warren Hoe is a very handy hoe to have around. The blade on the warren hoe is triangular making it great to get under plants and around vegetables easily without disturbing them.

The triangular blade means this type of hoe is perfect for making furrows in the earth for planting seeds etc.

Like the Garden Hoe, the blade attaches to the handle with a gooseneck for better angle and alignment.

Diamond Hoe

Like the name says, the blade on this hoe is diamond shaped.

The blade on this hoe is sharpened on all 4 sides and the points at either width end are very pointed and sharp.

This hoe is great for pushing and pulling just below the surface and will easily cut through any weeds and small roots.

You can also use this hoe to weed around plants and vegetables due to the diamond shape giving it two narrow pointed ends.

Onion Hoe

The onion hoe will have either a half moon shaped blade or sometimes rectangular.

The flat and rounded edges are sharp and it can be used to push and pull just under the surface to cut weeds.

The blade is usually quite thin as it’s designed to be able to weed around vegetables and plants without damaging them.

Onion hoes are also great for working on raised beds as they have a gooseneck attachment to the handle giving them a good angle and alignment so you’re not straining when using.

Swoe Hoe

A swoe hoe is another of the most popular hoes in the UK.

It is shaped like a golf club (iron) and has 3 sharp sides on it.

This type of hoe is perfect for working in confined spaces and getting right in amongst plants and vegetables.

If you have beds with closely compacted plants growing together then this is the hoe for you.

Fork Hoe

What a nice heavy-duty hoe which does a great job of weeding and breaking up the soil.

The forked head of this hoe sits at a right angle to the handle meaning it’s easy to use without straining your back. This makes it particularly good for working on raised beds.

The prongs on this fork hoe are pretty long so you can dig down to a reasonable depth with it. It’s great to use in certain areas where it’s more difficult trying to use a digging fork.

You can also use a fork hoe for harvesting potatoes and some other vegetables.

Heart Hoe

This hoe is like the name says, heart shaped.

This hoe has sharp edges on 2 sides and the point is very sharp making it easy to penetrate the soil.

This hoe can be used for general weeding and can get into confined areas. Another good use of this hoe is making furrows for planting seeds etc.

Spork Hoe

What a super versatile hoe to use.

A combination of a Spade, Fork, Rake and hoe, this spork hoe can be used for a variety of tasks.

It’s great for breaking up light and heavier compacted soil. It’s also great for weeding, raking and aerating the soil. This hoe has serrated edges so makes light work of getting into and breaking up the soil.

It can also be used to break through roots and other tough material when you swing it from the hip like the grub hoe.

This hoe is lightweight and well-balanced, so is a joy to use. The handle is long enough to use on raised beds and harder to reach places without straining yourself and injuring your back.

This very versatile tool will dig, cultivate, rake and hoe which makes this possibly the best all round hoe you can purchase.

Double Hoe

What a great and versatile tool and the hand-held version is one of my favourite and most used tools.

This combines a mattock/grub hoe style blade with either a 2 or 3 pronged fork on the other side.

The blade side is great for weeding, breaking up soil, cutting through roots and digging out trenches for planting.

The Fork side is great for weeding, cultivating, aerating and breaking up soil.

Hand Hoes

I will list a few of the best hand-held garden hoe types also, as sometimes it’s easier to get to places with a hand-held hoe instead of a longer version.

  • Korean Hand Hoe – This great little hoe has a head shaped like a plough. With 3 different edges: flat, pointed and curved means it is very versatile and can be used for a number of jobs. From aerating, digging furrows, scraping and cutting weeds, setting bulbs, tilling and cultivating amongst others. What a great hand-held hoe to have in you gardening tool kit.
  • Double Hoe – Just like the longer version above, but being smaller means you can get into more difficult areas.
  • Onion Hoe – The hand-held version of the one I’ve written about above.
  • Dutch Hoe – A handy hand-held version of the dutch hoe. You can get these with serrated teeth instead of a flat blade along the front.
  • Hand Spork Hoe – An absolutely brilliant and very versatile hand-held version of the spork hoe. You can’t go wrong with one of these in your hand tools.
  • Garden Hoe – A hand-held version of the garden hoe.

To Finish

I hope this post has helped you in learning about the different types of garden hoes available and that you will be able to confidently choose which one/s will be the best suite to your needs.

As, with all gardening tools there’s a lot of choice. Unfortunately a lot of tools, although they may look good, are not good and you will just be wasting your money buying them. All the links I have put up are for good quality tools that should last you for a very very long time, if not a lifetime.

If you have any questions than please leave a comment below or you can e-mail me at:

Happy Gardening!








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