Digging Tools For The Garden – Forks & Spades.

Digging Tools For The Garden - Fork & Spades

In this post I will be writing about digging tools for the garden. I will be focusing on Forks & Spades. Alternative digging tools and smaller hand-held digging tools I will be writing about in separate posts. 

It’s important when buying any tools that you get the right tool for the right job, and also that you get a good quality tool. Good quality doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend massive amounts of money on it, but then on the other hand you can’t expect to buy yourself a good quality tool for peanuts.

I’ve always found that if you buy good quality tools than they will last for many years, some even for a lifetime, but if you buy cheap ones then no doubt they will be inferior and before long will break and need replacing. And if you keep replacing cheap tools with cheap tools than before you know it you’ve spent more money on cheap rubbish than if you’d just bought yourself a quality tool to begin with.

There are a lot of Forks & Spades available to buy that are just not up to the job. A lot of them will look like they’re strong and well-made but unfortunately they’re not.

I hope with this post I can help you to choose the right Fork & Spade for your gardening needs and also show you where to buy them from.

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Digging Forks

When choosing a Digging Fork it’s very easy to see something very shiny like your stainless steel cutlery at home and automatically assume it’s going to be strong and up for any digging job. Unfortunately that’s just not true and a lot of stainless steel digging forks (although they look good) are not as strong as they look. That said, you can buy stainless steel digging forks that will do a good job and last a long time if used in the right way. Used for just digging soil and you should have no problems. DO NOT use on very hard, stony ground or ground with a lot of roots in as you may find the tines can snap relatively easy in this type of ground.

I will list below what I have used and consider to be the best stainless steel digging forks and where to buy them from. Click on on either the name of the fork or the picture to open a new window to where you can buy them from.

The best kind of digging forks you will find are made from SOLID FORGED CARBON STEEL. (Made this way means they are forged from one piece of metal so less likely to bend or break. If they are welded together than it’s a lot more likely they will be weaker at the point of welding and more susceptible to bending and snapping). These digging forks are especially good if gardening is your profession as they can be used on various types of grounds with little likelihood of the tines bending or snapping.

There are a few good quality ones available to buy which I will list below.

Border Forks

Border forks are just like digging forks, the only difference being that they have a narrower head. This means they are better suited for smaller/narrower areas or between plants.

The same applies as with digging forks when choosing and buying a border fork. Just because something looks shiny and nice, it doesn’t mean it’s good.

You can get some decent enough stainless steel Border Forks, the best of which I will list below.

But the best Border Forks you can buy are the ones made from SOLID FORGED CARBON STEEL. I will list the best ones below, and where to buy them from. Again, just click on the name of the border fork or picture to open a new window to where you can purchase them from.

Digging Spades

Like digging forks, digging spades are a very important part of a gardeners’ tool kit.

As with digging forks the better kind you can get are made from SOLID FORGED CARBON STEEL. As the heads and sockets of these are forged from one piece of metal it makes for a stronger, more robust spade.

Generally for gardening you will want a spade with a square head as this can be used for a variety of gardening jobs, such as digging, edging, cutting and is also more useful for lifting earth and turf. You can get spades with narrower or pointed heads, but these are probably better for specific tasks rather than general gardening.

You ideally want to choose a spade with a handle that’s not too long or not too short as this could prove difficult to use and have an impact on your back from stretching or bending too much. Also you want the spade to have flat treads on as this makes it so much easier to push into the ground with your foot when gardening, especially if the ground is quite hard.

Again, as with the digging forks, you can get some decent stainless steel digging spades amongst a lot that aren’t very good.

The best that I’ve found I will list below for you and also show you where to buy them from. Just click on the name of the spade or picture to open a new window to where you can purchase them.

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