About Trusted Gardening Tools.

About Trusted Gardening Tools

Hello and welcome to Trusted Gardening Tools where my aim is to help you find the best gardening tools for the job at hand.

I am a gardener based in South East England, UK.


Gardening is something that I have been doing ever since I was a small boy and used to help my father at his allotment. I carried this on into my teenage years, always keen to help out at the allotment and also tagging along to help my father on weekend gardening jobs he used to do for friends.


After completing school and college I worked in a few different places and environments, but still kept up gardening and helping at the allotment when I had any free time.

Although some jobs I was employed in were pretty well-paid, I was never truly happy at any of them and was always itching for something else.

Then in my early twenties I trained as a Plumber on an intensive course as it was something that interested me. I worked as a plumber consistently over the next 3 years, and although I did enjoy what I was doing (especially the problem solving side of it), I still didn’t feel happy and content enough in that line of work. The problem was I lacked the motivation and desire to do or try to do anything about it.

It was in my fourth year plumbing that something happened that gave me the kick up the backside I needed. The company I was sub-contracted to at the time went into liquidation, meaning I was out of work and also out-of-pocket. Not being used to not working I instantly tried to find another job as quick as possible. Every company I contacted always came back with the same answer. They all wanted at least 5 years experience. I found myself getting disheartened by it and realized I had to do something about it.


As I have always loved gardening and always felt happy doing that kind of work I decided I would try to set myself up as a gardener and become self-employed.

I managed to get my first gardening job within the first couple of days of making my decision by asking people who lived nearby to a house my father had a small gardening job at. Using tools I had borrowed from my father I set about making a good impression in what was my first proper paid job in my new profession. I must have been doing something right, as after my second time working there I was approached by the couple living opposite and also somebody from down the road, both asking me if I could do gardening work for them.

Now with 3 customers I started to feel that maybe I had made the right decision in going self-employed and working as a gardener. It was at this time I started to buy my own gardening tools and equipment

Gaining customers and momentum

Within 2 months of starting out as a gardener I was taking on more and more customers and really enjoying what I was doing. Customers that I was working for were recommending me to friends and family and I was also getting people from neighbouring houses to wherever I was working asking me if I could do gardening work for them too.

By now, I had a lot of regular customers, and so having thought about advertising my services over the last few weeks, I now didn’t need to.

It felt really good knowing I had built up all my business through word of mouth without the need to advertise my services at all. I also knew that my customers were happy with the work I was carrying out and that in turn was great for my confidence and motivation at such an early stage in my self-employment.



Now after many years working as a self-employed gardener I am busy the year through and have built up and used many kinds and brands of gardening tools and equipment.

I know how hard it can be choosing the right tool for any given gardening job, what with there being so many kinds and brands available.

Having been in the gardening profession for many years now, I would like to use my knowledge of gardening tools and equipment to help others to choose which tools and brands of tools are the best and easiest of use for each gardening job.

Whether you’re just doing your own garden or you work in the gardening profession it’s always handy to know which tools work best and the best places to get them from.

From the best gardening tools to get on a budget right through to the best high end tools, I really hope my website will be of great help to you.

All the best and much good luck to you.                       













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